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The Council proclaiming wrongly that everything is alright. They show images of Ron Vanours and Michelle Bonnette during the 2006 Unesco Reactive Monitoring Mission .
Two years since and the damage has been done and why haven’t they been back are they afraid of what they will see.
click on the above link to see the Unesco Mission being smolshed by Neptune Developments note the image on the left of Mann Island...its gone already ..who organised that meeting?
When is a debate not a debate...When Liverpool's planning department organise it.

Nigel "wing and a prayer"Lee

John Hinchliffe notice the now defunct view of Mann Island
It was last night the 12th March that I wasted another couple of hours of my life at The Renew rooms (funded by public money) in Wood Street.
I was there for a world heritage presentation by John Hinchliffe the World Heritage Office who has stood by and watched disaster after disaster unfold before him without so much of a whimper.
It was chaired by Charles Wilson the Chairman of places matter! Northwest Review Design panel…a stooge placed there by English Heritage and the City Council no doubt, because he said nothing really.
The guy next to me fell asleep as were treated to Hinchliffe saying exactly what was on the screen he could have just given us a pamphlet.
What was on the screen was a picture of our cherished views of Mann Island currently being destroyed with the help of Riechmarshal Nigel Lee our Chief Planning nightmare who turned up late and sat on the panel for questions. Questions need to be asked about him.
I don’t seem to live in the same town as these people facing off the impending disaster without a conscience.
Hinchliffe talked about harmonious integration and protected views and stood there like a red faced scouser caught knocking off in TK Maxx with a pair of socks up his jumper saying err…. how did that get there.
I am not sure how he can show his face in public. They have Stolen our Skyline.
He talked about the negative impact of The Shanghai Palace on the Pier Head and then said, “The new Ferry Terminal building is one of my favorites”. God help us. If you told me you could have built a worse building than The Shanghai palace I would not have believed them but they managed it and its two storeys higher and right in front of The Cunard.
He talked of the negative impact of Concourse house now demolished but fails to notice that you can now see the two most ugly blocks of flats in the city built 3 years ago on full show now behind the entrance to Lime Street Station.
It’s called not being aware, or quite up to the job.
He waffled about this and that… butter wouldn’t melt in his mouth.

I started the debate off and asked if this was the same city that I see in front of me. There was not a mention of the Three Grotesques on Mann Island currently being built or the mess of Princes Dock. They have used pictures in the room showing the Pyramids The Sphinx but imagine the outrage if you built a block of flats in front of The Taj Mahal I said.
The Chairman was not happy and Louise O’Brien, daughter of Fred, helped him along with more English Heretic propaganda as if nothing was wrong.

A foreign lady criticised the lack of a master plan for the city.
Another lady asked about green space and Nigel “wing and a prayer” Lee said “We in the city think of the docks as green space, and that’s not because there are full of algae”
I cringe....Its like watching some second rate comedian make a fool out of himself because there is no substance or talent there.
20 people in a room 6 of them stooges a chairman who wants no debate at all… .what a waste of time.

Wayne Colquhoun

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