Friday, 20 March 2009


The much loved Bluecoat Destroyed by planning blight.
Liverpool City Centres oldest building has seen a few things but nothing as gross as the continual onslaught to the character of its heart as what has befallen in the last few years .
First they destroyed, with the co-operation of English Heretics, the interior with a inappropriate style renovation. And now it looks like someone has transplanted a 10 storey loft extension on the top of it. And it is still growing.
A monolithic block of apartments for guppies to live in “handy to get to the clubs” and a Georgian building ruined.
Roger Philips at a recent debate at the Bluecoat said “we have never had as many calls about anything at Radio Merseyside as the ruination of the garden at the Bluecoat”
Even his diplomacy did not hold back what he thought about it.
It was saved from impending demolition by Lord Leverhulme with the influence of Sir Charles Reilly the head of the once renowned Liverpool School of architecture.

When does Regeneration turn into Degeneration…if ever there was a better example it is the BLUECOAT TRADGEDY. Capital of Culture turns into Culture of Capital and the planners along with English Heretics don’t understand what the essence of Liverpool means to us the people who live here and they run aimlessly into "Trafford Park in the City" sponsored by Grosvenor-pool mentality. Well its just not fair.

They have destroyed Herbert Tyson Smiths Sculpture studio and yard which after tarting up has lain empty for a year…this could have been one of our best tourist attractions.
One step forward and two back, its not good. In fact it is an architectural disaster.
Now that walk up Church Alley is ruined its not the same place this is not moving on.
The garden ruined its lost everything about it that it had evolved into.
Unesco quoted this building ahead of its finishing off, and after being shown round by council officials as a good example of regeneration.
UNESCO HAVE LET US DOWN allowing themselves to have the wool pulled over their eyes.

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