Monday, 23 March 2009


How dare they do this to my Liverpool
The threat to some of the city's most beautiful buildings is typical of our disregard for history.
Ed Vulliamy
The Observer, Sunday 22 March 2009
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FOR SUCH A LONG TIME THE LPT HAS BEEN WARNING OF THE CITY PLANNERS DISREGARD FOR OUR HERITAGE AND NOW THE PRODIGAL SONS RETURNING TO SEE THE MESS ARE WRITING ABOUT IT...........WE WARN, YOU SCORN... AFTER THE EVENT USUALLY. I did not see any of the complainants at the planning meeting arguing against the plans, none more a visible absence than Hilary Burridge, now taking up the cause after the damage is done...she is very close to Louise Ellman, acting as a honoury campaign organiser, whose constituency this happened within. In parts Liverpool 8 is still like a third world country decades after the Toxteth riots and I don't see any writing about that...good old Louise and Hilary create a series of smoking mirrors around the MP who in my opinion, champions a cause in the trendy hot spots in the city centre but lets Beaufort Street school a grade II listed building down the road in L8 be de-listed and demolished. Double standards. See our THERE IS NO HOPE blog....and LIVE DEMOLITION blog.

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