Thursday, 5 March 2009

Lets put a huge neon rabbit on the side of a Grade I listed building
What a really daft idea this is.....made worse by the fact that St James Church is on the English Heretic's national at risk register.

A open letter.

Liverpool Preservation Trust
11-13 Holts arcade
India Buildings
Water St
Liverpool L2 0RR

0151 236 1282
Bishop of Liverpool
James Jones

Dear Bishop Jones,
It is hard to fathom out in my imagination just how you could consider putting a giant neon rabbit on the top of a Grade I listed property. St James Church, which is on the English Heritage National at risk register and has been for some time.
Considering that the Church themselves has allowed it, is may I say incredulous.

The words sacrilegious spring to mind.

Even if it is deconsecrated a little more respect is required for our heritage we feel.

As our colleagues or we peruse the planning lists weekly it is even more alarming to suggest that this has been carried out without listed building consent.

As you are the Chair of the Echo Stop the rot campaign If I may be so bold as to suggest that this looks a bit like the Church shooting themselves in the preverbal foot and sets a very bad example indeed.

We understand that attention needs drawn to the plight of this building on the at risk register but really to put a big stupid neon lamp of a bunny rabbit is one step beyond.

1.Would you please advise me when and forward copies of the listed building consent and relevant planning permission.

2.Advise whether any fees for the renting of the space have been obtained.

3. Who gave permission for such an idea?

4.When this is coming down

I look forward to hearing from you by return.

Wayne Colquhoun

Chairman and Spokesperson

further reading
Lawrence Westgaph who has trawled through all the archives has advised me there is no evidence of any slave buried in the cemetry.

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