Thursday, 12 May 2016

SAVE Propose to SAVE Lime Street. The Proposals Look Good.

If ever there was a part of Liverpool that typifies the way dodgy developers are allowed to bribe the City Council officials into allowing them to do what they want. 
Then this is it.
Common sense needs to prevail.

SAVE have had an architect prepare images as to what it would look like if the existing city scape was retained.
English Heritage did not agree with saving this building 10 years ago in the meantime it has deteriorated, exactly what Neptune want.

In the meantime a disgraceful article in the Echo today sees Tony McDonough the dodgy property developers moll printing exactly what Jon Egan, Neptunes PR, wants. 
Shame on you McDonough you should not be allowed to get away with this. trying to bend the public opinion and what for.......a free lunch.