Thursday, 20 August 2009

Tescopool- The Invasion of the Business Snatchers

The TESCOPOOL Invasion continues with Hope Street now being lined up in the sights of fellow Liverpudlian Sir Terry Leahy.

We all lined up to argue about recent planning applications that most thought would destroy the character of Hope Street watching facades being wrecked right in front of the Council Planning departments noses, and now the rot is to set in big time.
The proposals were for. A massive development opposite to the Art Nouveau Philharmonic public house, originally a hotel. We thought it was out of keeping with the Phil, with its stepped gables and turrets, balconies and oriels designed by Walter Thomas (1898-1900). They just didnt seem to fit in but now we have plans to plonk next door, a shop selling plonk........ a Tesco-Express. Advertised in the last weeks Sunday Times as a place to come and see Liverpool's Culture proclaiming it almost as a separate entity the city the advertisement said Hope Street has Great Architecture, Two Cathedrals, Great hotels and Restaurants mixed with amazing culture by the North West Tourist Board and now its well and truly buggered for any one wanting to set up a small enterprise because Tesco are to illuminate the street.

I wrote some time ago about the strangle-hold of Tesco on Liverpool. (Well before Larry "The Lamb" Neild plagiarised what I wrote, I think, he still thinks he is on the Daily Ghost staff and can take other peoples thoughts).

I wrote about the Belle Vale boy of Liverpool Vision helping Tescopilise Britain. Hilary Burridge of the Hope Street wallers and the Merseyside "waste of a good name" Civic Society seems to be well connected with Liverpool Vision, she writes so lyrically to them and often, and in the correspondence I have seen, fondly making suggestions to them. So what will she do about this?.........nothing probably just get a wagon load of publicity for herself and her Friend Louise Ellman.
Steve Mumby who is out of his medical closet does not even represent this ward. But scenting the publicity hes off on one. I admire people having a go, but what will he do?.....Nothing Probably,.
He has two Hopes of stopping this.........No Hope and Bob!

The shelves are as good as stacked they have all the power.
David Bartlett writes
TESCO has announced plans to open an Express store in Liverpool’s historic Hope Street, generating extensive opposition.
The supermarket giant has applied for permission to put up an illuminated sign in a unit next to the Philharmonic Dining Rooms pub.
As the premises is designated an A3 category use, allowing for a cafe or restaurant, it can be changed to A1 – a shop – without planning permission.
Campaigners hope that opposition to the signs proposed by Tesco will help force a rethink.

It is not just happening here Nemisis writes with the usual informative reasoning about it on their blog of recent days. Today's Guardian has an article by George Monbiot on the planned Tesco on the outskirts of his small Welsh town.My town is menaced by a superstore. So why are we not free to fight it off?People know a Tesco will suck the marrow from us. Yet the decision is left in the hands of a remote and frightened council...

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  1. In todays paper David follows the story up with what looks like a highly edited article.

    He pulls the name Tescopool out as a way of Tesco-Expressing the feeling relating to the proposals.
    My thoughts are that it is well and truly wound up.
    Chris Ridland will be the planning officer dealing with it and of course the Reichmarshal Nigel Lee is the true power behind the Tescopilisation of Liverpool.
    Bernie Turner rattles on again.....god help us its not even her ward.