Monday, 17 August 2009

Concourse House One Step Forward and Two Back.

During the recent posts of One Park Worst one of our colleagues suggested it was the new Concourse House. I think that is a fair assessment and it made me think about the way the building was hailed as a new dawn in the 60s as was St Johns market. It started me to think we are in the same position as that new dawn they promised us when the town centre was re-jigged a couple of decades ago and the Liverpool One of its day was built.
Click on the pic Iliad say History is our future and look what they think about our history with the vandalising of 6 Sir Thomas Street.
Incidentally the Criminal Steve Hurst was very vocal when he passed the plans for the demolition of the facade of 6 Sir Thomas Street he was infact reported to the Chief Executive Colin "Cover Up" Hilton who was picked by him and Storey and Bradley.
We finally get rid of the obscene 1960s monster on the Vista of Lime Street opposite St Georges Hall and then the communists from the Eastern Block move in and build us "The Breeze Blocks". This was a nomination for Liver pools Carbuncle Cup from a colleague of mine. Its one step forward and two back all the time with the morons who are planning my city.
The whole amateurish approach to planning our future by the Reichmarshal Nigel Lee and his planning team (sic) leaves me to fear that in no uncertain terms that we are building...The New Concourse Houses of their day with the likes of One Park "Gone" West. We are creating the new Milton Keynes-On-Sea. The Binge building is now over and we are waking up with a headache and none more so a headache as this Stazi brute which could not even be called architecture it is that bad.

Built under the guise of regeneration, this is degeneration of the worst kind it is another legacy that we will have to live with forever in the World Heritage Site.
Imagine building this in front of the Taj Mahal another World Heritage Site.

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