Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Is the Daily Post Turning into the Morning Museum

Here is a little task...see if you can identify the picture on the left. You may be able to click on it and enlarge it. Clue, it is not the entrance to any public toilets. Or a new-town shopping centre. You may be able to see the tacky artex job and the glistening twiddly things hanging on the entrance door, oh and the lack of architraving on the small door frame. Someone has really tried hard to not make a finished job out of this.
In the words of Loyd Grossperson..."Who work's in a place like this"?

So yesterdays Morning Museum did all it can to promote NML. If this was not a PLC it would be easy to think, it is as if one of the directors of Trinity "Smoking" Mirrors Group is a personal friend of Fuzzy Felt Fleming. It is that obvious that they want to promote NML.
There was three articles all good news items. The one that got me was about the new eatery in the Maritime Museum and how wonderful it will be. It is as if the NML press officer Clare Ryder has phoned up Vicky Anderson and said how wonderful it is and a story was plucked out of it without a thought. I telephoned David Bartlett as chief reporter several weeks ago and advised him of the impending disaster of the loss of the Herculaneum pottery in order to make way for seats for a cafe. Our history, Our Culture being put in permanent storage for seats for a cafe its a disgrace. Not a mention of this disaster, just good news from the Morning Museum.
Then, Hey more good news and then there is more,

Fuzzy Felt Phleming, NML director is an avid reader of this blog and having contacted Mark Thomas the editor of the Daily Museum to tell him that I have been criticizing him he has now seen that there is a window of opportunity to have the Post on his side by the relaxation of the recent legal threats. "See I told you what he was like" he would have said. "Look what he has said about you Mark" My one dissapointment for being banned from the Daily Post is I will not now be able to remind the journos of the destruction of Manchester docks or the ruination of Liverpool's historic ferry bell. And there will be more>
They will be telling us we have won a lottery award soon. Well if the deceitful plan works to get people to click on the website so it artificially inflates the figures, they will. Here is a copy from NMLs internal magazine the INSIDER advising staff what to do. So that's how it works?

-----Original Message-----
From: INSIDERSent:
Wed 05/08/2009 14:12
Subject: We need your help!
Good afternoon
We're asking all staff to get behind our latest campaign. The International Slavery Museum has now reached the finals of The National Lottery Awards and we need your support! Please copy and paste the text below and email it onto friends, family and contacts. Feel free to personalise.
Email template:
Dear ...
I'd like to let you know that NML's International Slavery Museum has reached the finals of The National Lottery Awards 2009. We're the only Northern project in the Best Heritage Project category, and competing against just two other projects for the chance to win the award, decided by the public. I'd be very grateful if you could take a minute out of your day to vote for us!We need your help - voting has been reset to zero for this last stage and with your support we now have a chance to win the award. If you believe that the International Slavery Museum deserves support in its stance against racism then there are two ways that you can vote:* Online by visiting the and selecting the Best Heritage Project category* You can telephone on 0844 686 6957 (calls costs 5p from BT land lines).Voting closes at midday on Friday 14 August 2009.
Many thanks,

Oh and talking about black role models. The black guy I recently wrote about who spoke up against His Flem-ness at a recent Maritime museum speech he gave, is not working there....It is alleged his contract was not renewed. They didn't print that in the Daily Museum did they? Or the fuss he kicked up over his parking ticket at the Albert Dock.

Oh yes back to the picture at the top of the page where is this? Got it yet?
Well it is the entrance to the World Museum on William Brown Street.....yes, The World Museum the pathetic person running the place has just grabbed a tenth of a billion pounds of public money spending 40 million on this proclaimed and reported, new tomorrow, for THE WORLD MUSEUM proclaiming he is bringing it into the 21st century......... and he artexes the foyer.
It doesn't stop there it is like Alcatraz inside where two tragic deaths have occurred in recent dates. All there seems to be is screaming kids running round with crayons its like "The Wacky Warehouse". It is a mess the signage looks like the same as the Estuary Retail Park in Speke.

This is the entrance from outside re-designed with rusting gates. What is the point? I am ashamed of this image to visitors, this represents my city. How did they get this past English Heritage......Oh Sir Neil Cossons the then Chairman of EH was a trustee of NML as was a previous one Loyd Grossman. Did they print that in the Daily Museum, No. So when the people are grabbing any headline they can from the Feltman and his cronies at NML telling us how many visitors they bring in. Just think how many are laughing at us and saying "A world class museum and some stupid twasser artexes the entrance". Clever Man Mr Fleming, Clever Man.

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