Thursday, 6 August 2009

Should Mark Thomas be Relieved from his Last Post.

The Editor of the Daily Ghost Writer Mark Thomas cant make up his mind. Do Dylan Harvey own Mann Island or don't they? Today's paper has an apology about the fact that they said Dylan Harvey residential was the company who owned Mann Island. It now says that it would like to make it clear that DHR, while part of the Dylan Harvey group which is involved with the sale of the Mann Island apartments, is not itself one of the developers or involved in any way. They also said that they would like to emphasise that the Mann Island project is not affected by the collapse of DHR. DO THEY OWN MANN ISLAND MR THOMAS HAVE YOU CHECKED THE LAND REGISTRY? Or do you take their word for it? The Manchester Evening News reported that the investors who have been left stranded could be swung over to Mann that legal? Numerous warnings were posted on the Internet.
What are the local press going on about now. Are they at our local papers now ventriloquist dummies for the business community and is it coming to Mark Thomas's last post. Today is a grand reunion of one of the Daily Posts old editors and the current one click on link for the story and see Mark Thomas being handed over to the imperial war museum by the old Post editor Walter Huntley.
So off they go with another good news story on how a crane has arrived to build the most ugly of the three sisters that we are paying with our taxpayers cash to bail out the project and Steve Parry of the arch vandals Neptune says "It is an indication the city's regeneration is continuing even in this difficult economic and commercial environment. So it must be alright, they say three quarters are reserved and they said that about Chavasse Park and look what happened there they have now dropped 25% in value and initially only six sold of the 146 claimed to have been 'reserved'.

Yes we are paying through the NWDA subsidies for our world heritage site to be obliterated and thats good news.
Would you invest a spare tenner in this development next to a giant Chimney..not me.


  1. I fear Mark Thomas is indeed a ventriloquist's dummy. He simply does what he's told. The idea that he possesses any real editorial control over the Dreary Post can be discounted. True control lies with the Managing Director of the LDP&E whose instructions have been for several years to do nothing to undermine confidence in Liverpool. Only if a story has 'compelling news value' - that is, if some other newspaper might run with it - can the story be published. It's a shameful state-of-affairs, and owes nothing at all to Trinity Mirror's 'loyalty' to the city. Rather it's a decision taken on purely commercial grounds - criticse nothing; keep local interests happy with obliging tales of Scouse patriotism; and the revenues will flow in. Unprincipled and ultimately self-defeating, this has been the business model to which Mark Thomas must pay homage

  2. Ronnie I do agree really the papers are now far too pro-business. Most of the journos at the local press are now about 12. I dont think Thommo is a bad guy really but what would old editors have made of the current reporting.

  3. I don't know if its true but I understood Trinity Mirror, if it's the same one, has a contract to produce the councils City magazine and other publications. Is that the case?

  4. No, you're thinking of Mersey Mirror, who used to print the Catholic Pictorial.