Thursday, 6 August 2009

Listed Liverpool Pembroke Place Kosher butchers shop under threat

You know I have no sympathy for this bloke who has owned this property for years and has done nothing about it. He keeps waffling on about its importance. WHAT IS THE POINT in letting it rot Mr Ainsworth? You have had ample opportunity to get it restored, you have owned it for long enough. Its a Grade II listed building that Chris Griffiths the Council Buildings at risk officer and Ronnie Corbett at the conservation(sic)office should have used enforcement powers a long time ago. The worst owners of listed buildings are those who do nothing about them then appear to hold the council and English Heritage to ransom.
pic courtesy of Daily Post
Mr Ainsworth hopes to restore Galkoff’s into a shop and a flat that he would live in. (Oh Yeah).
He wanted to buy number 31 himself and has complained to the Local Government Ombudsman about how the council chose to sell it to the school.
According to documents at Land Registry, the school paid £130,000 cash for 31 and 33 Pembroke Place on June 11. On October 1, 2008, it also took ownership of 35 Pembroke Place after paying £160,000 cash.


  1. You should remove your bad minded, ill informed comment. How do you expect someone to refurbish a property when the owners of the adjoining property have spent 19 years damaging ans neglecting it.

    I know Rob and of his struggle to encourge LCC to do something with thier property. You should be suporting him not doing the work of LCC, Liverpool Vision and the LSTM or being thier monuth piece.

    I am discusted in you and your phoney blog.

  2. Dear Wayne,
    can I ask that you please edit your blog entry regarding the comment "you have had ample time etc". I have been unable to restored my property for a considerable period due to the poor condition of the councils property, 31 Pembroke Place. This is the subject and other matters to my LGO complaint currently being investigated. I would appreciate matters if you would kindly remove this section. For further information on Galkoff`s please see the web link. I intend to publish all the correspondence relating to this lamentable situation including more than 50 requests to the city council, councilors, MPs and quangos requesting repair or disposal of 31 over the last 15 years, so I can complete the restoration of 29 PP I started in 1990. A lot of people who have been following this matter for more than a decade know your comment is incorrect. If you require any further information on the situation please let me know.

    Kind regards

    Rob Ainsworth

  3. Ummmmmmm 20 years to get no-where thats a strange one.