Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Berni Turner-Opens Her Big Gob Again.

And off she goes. It has to be Berni Big Mouth Turner. More publicity seeking press bites. This time its trendy Hope Street, but it was, at one time how wonderful she is to be a heritage champion and what she does for Liverpools Heritage. Example. http://www.liverpooldailypost.co.uk/liverpool-news/regional-news/2008/02/05/liverpool-georgian-terraces-given-listed-status-64375-20435418/ So what happened to all these buildings you listed Ms Turner that are right in front of the Municipal Buildings.........well apparently they are still falling over and have been for the past 20 years. We are so grateful.
A heritage champion (sic) for the Fib Dems and cabinet member for the environment, who whilst controlling the city have lost 46 listed buildings yes 46. How do thee people get away with it?
She is, this time talking about Tesco opening in Hope Street but she could be in real trouble for calling Tesco an "evil empire" on face book. Back to There is just something plain WRONG about a Tesco on Hope Street which now has 571 members at time of writing.

Her original comment said
Bernadette wrote at 04:34 on 22 August 2009
So agree,we do not need another tacky red and blue outpost of Sir Terry's evil empire!
Bernadette wrote at 03:24 yesterday
Following my comments in this morning's Daily Post and on this site my office has received a call from a Mr Kissman, Head of Corporate Affairs at Tesco, who wants to discuss my "Evil Empire" remarks with me!!!He's a tad cross apparently!
Yes they would and lets hope she gets a good warning what makes her think in future. If she gets in trouble she only has herself to blame. On David Bartletts blog victor denton said:
What a hyprocrit Berni Turner is
slap bang in the middle of her very own ward is a massive Tesco that has completley revitalised old swan and made it a pleasnt place to shop.
Perhaps she's like them to leave old swan as well and make numerous of her constituents unemployed!
also why is an elected representative of this city calling another native of this City (perhaps one of the most successful!) "evil"
Obviously Sir Terry is not going to have a clue who Berni Turner is. However as ive just emailed his PA dwawing attention to Berni Comments, perhaps she will soon be hearing from messars Carter and Ruck/
lets hope so. the publicity seeking fool deserves it
Peter Cranie said:
This presumably means that the Liberal Democrats are now opposed to taking further donations from Tesco? Labour and the Conservatives have also been happy to take donations from them in the past.
She is member for Old Swan which has a giant Tesco on the corner, was she then fighting against it for her residents.

Cllr Berni Turner, city executive member for environment and heritage, said: “The Buildings at Risk project has been a success story for the city.
“We’ve targeted some of the most neglected but significant buildings in the city and have helped to bring them back into use. RUBBISH WHAT ABOUT THE 46 LISTED BUILDINGS LOST? Ms Turner. What about the ten buildings still on English Heritage at risk register?
Ms Turner would it be that your mouth operates without engaging your brain. Over a development row at Edge Lane she said "The judge needed a good slapping". I am of the opinion that this woman is out of control and takes any debate that she gets involved in to the gutter this is not what being a heritage champion should do.
Mr Brocklebank: Council leader sprouts new idea
Apr 28 2009 Liverpool Daily Post
IS LIVERPOOL City Council taking its Year of the Environment too personally?
At an executive board meeting, during an item to encourage “green” entrepreneurs with a business week, the following cryptic exchange took place, with council leader Warren Bradley asking “Is Berni Turner going as a sprout?” To which Cllr Turner riposted: “Only if you dress up as a turnip.”
Mr Brocklebank is reminded of the popular Spitting Image sketch of the Tory cabinet at dinner and Mrs Thatcher ordering a steak. When asked by the waitress, “What about the vegetables?” she snaps, “They’ll have the same as me!”


  1. Good evening Wayne
    Do hope you are well? As always you are ill informed and ignorant of the facts. I have fought Tesco's plans to demolish hundreds of homes in my ward, in order to expand their current site most vigourously, with the total support of the majority of my constituents. I, as you are aware, but chose not to report, resigned from the planning committee when I realised it would not allow me to speak out against heritage abuses and still be able to vote.This is not may I make clear anything to do with local government but natioanl government policy. I would love the chance to meet you face to face in debate with the local press and members of the Hope St Community, don't forget Sweetie it was I not you who got the Hanneman buiding listed!!!! But Wayne darling, it's easy to attack via cyberspace and hide behind a website. Come on out, this girl is not as you so charmingly put it a " Gob , but someone who actually gives a damn. How about it? You and me public meeting,some time soon?
    Love and sincere best wishes
    Berni " Big Gob " Turner

  2. Dear Wayne
    May I assume from your constant campaign against me that you have an obsession? May I assume that I may be at risk from your obsession?
    You leave me no option but to assume that your behaviour may constitute harassement and therefore would warrant an official complaint to Merseyside Police? Democracy is something to be cherished as is the freedom of speech for any individual. However, you seem to think that it can only be on your terms. Who made you the Preservation Spokesperson? Wheres's your democratic mandate.How many people have ever voted for you?
    Kind Regards
    The English Heritage Historic Environment Champion

  3. Any time you like Bernie a public meeting would be fine to explain this current councils abysmal record on heritage. 46 listed buildings smashed down.......buildings decaying all over the place while you and others tell us how wonderful everything is.
    What about the 60 buildings that were to be listed in the world heritage site by you as heritage champion.....gone quiet there for a change I presume.
    I was not aware that the planning committee was in fact told what to speak about and what to vote for so maybe you could expand on that a little further and explain the way you seem to have been in your words "resigned from the planning committee when I realised it would not allow me to speak out against heritage abuses and still be able to vote".
    I have never been acused of hiding with opinions on matters of conservation in this city, thats a first.
    As for charm.


  4. Most bemused by all of this...Ms Turner's offer of a public meeting ? This is too late for historic buildings which have been demolished. The most important public forum for protection of the city's heritage should surely be the planning committee. I've seen how the committee goes about it's business and it's a stranger to democracy and natural justice. Why didn't Ms Turner stay on the committee and fight for her beliefs ?

  5. There she blows!!!!!!!!Well it has gone quiet. It usually does when you ask what she has done recently and a lot of ranting flows to cover over the inactivity. Same Old. Same Old.
    Ms Turner you will be hearing a lot more from us in future. We have a problem with those who state that they are ensuring that our heritage is looked after and that those who proclaim to be a heritage champions are not in fact swinging the lead like your parties previous heritage champion Doreen Jones.

  6. http://liverpoolpreservationtrust.blogspot.com/2009/08/liverpool-wins-carbuncle-cup.html

    Not a word from Ms Turner as The English Heritage Historic Environment Champion regarding Liverpool winning the Carbuncle Cup award. No not a word.