Thursday, 9 September 2010

Andrew Hussey-A Fat Condescending Scouser on a Plate.

Andrew Hussey does a programme about Northern food.

And he is back to visit his home town of Liverpool. Living in Paris he talks of Terroir (well I think thats what he said as I cant understand his put on scouse lob accent).
 He wants to explore food and its relationship to class politics and history. He calls Liverpool a special place not quite England and not quite the North. A frontier zone a collission between the Irish trying to get in over there and the English trying to get out over there.
Then he goes to Maggie Mays in Bold Street, and not Hope Street, as he says to taste the ghastly Scouse.
Then he's off to Salford to talk about Tripe. Well the programme was tripe confirming all the awful stereotypes about Liverpool and the North we thought we had left behind.

This week it was reported A RECORD number of restaurants in Merseyside have been recognised by the respected Which Good Food Guide, published this week.
As The Good Food Guide 2011 celebrates its 60th anniversary, standards in Merseyside continue to soar. Is Stephen Fry right.
Good old BBC.


  1. The North on a Plate blog -- Given the title of this site "Liverpool Preservation Trust" the blog about Andrew Hussey's TV program drags the site down to gutter level and is far below the quality of the other blogs. While you don't have to like the program, descriptions such as "fat condescending scouser" are not only defamatory but could be construed as racist.

    How can the man put on a scouse accent when he is from Liverpool originally ?
    Liverpool is a special place.

    Andrew Hussey has an M.A, a PhD, is a best-selling author, a University Dean and has just been awarded the OBE ---what are your credentials ?

    If you wish to comment on matters of the day why don't you do it in a civilised manner instead of resorting to insulting remarks which say more about the writer than they do about the subject. There are too many people using the internet as a tool for spreading invective ---you could prove you are not one of them by rewriting the article more in keeping with this excellent site.

    By the way, you spell "Collision" as I have written it.

  2. Yes descring someone as fat could be rascist, very clever.
    Basicly the programme was lazy and was a direct rip off of a previous programme with the same style and pours scorn on scousers.
    I consider the less scousers who put on a accent and make out as if we all eat lob scouse the better especially as they are making their name off the back of badly written TV scripts that the writer of which needs to get into the real world.
    I know exactly what I wrote and I dont need to be spoken down to, for all the country to see by a fat condescending scouser who buggered off to London decades ago and give the impression we all sit in Maggie Mays (where he cant even identify the location) eating godawful lob.

    Wayne Colquhoun