Thursday, 9 September 2010

Alan Weston of The Liverpool Daily Post is Let Out The Office...Blindfolded.

Months after the event and after a tip-off from..... Grosvenor he writes; A LONG-AWAITED memorial garden has taken shape at the edge of Liverpool’s busiest shopping district.

The site, on the outskirts of Liverpool One, is rich in historical significance, as it includes part of the former St Thomas’s Church graveyard.
Among those buried there is one of Liverpool’s most famous sons, Joseph Williamson, popularly known as the “Mole of Edge Hill”.
After his death in 1840, Williamson was laid to rest in the Tate family vault at the church, which was demolished in 1905.

Here is one we did earlier about the quality of respect of a memorial to the Mole of Edgehill.

Or was he really let out or just read a press realease. He waffles on;
The centrepiece of the garden is a carved stone replica of the Liver Bird which once adorned the Sailors’ Home in nearby Canning Place.

The original red sandstone carving stood over the entrance to the old Sailors’ Home, which was demolished in 1973. It is hoped the original Sailors’ Gates will be placed at the entrance to the garden if the council can secure their return from Birmingham.
The home was paid for by ship-owners and merchants to provide a cheap place to stay.As well as being a safe haven for sailors, it boasted a savings bank so seafarers could keep their cash safe, a post office and billiard room. Amateur historian Stephen McKay said: “The actual sailors’ home as a building marks the start of Liverpool as a world-class merchant port. It is very good news that, in addition to the replica, the original Liver Bird is to feature in the Museum of Liverpool when it opens in 2011.”

Its dead easy just print what Grosvenor want you say to while ignoring the real news Mr Weston.
The Sailors Home one of the tragic acts of vandalism in Liverpool's long line of heritage wrongs. The ridiculous idea to bring back the gates to Liverpool should be squashed immediately along with the ideas to think that after abandoning them we will now look after them.
This is what they did with Manchester Dock gates.


  1. Oh my God! Look no further than the brickwork!

    My Dad was a brickie, God rest his craftsman's soul, and he always taught that you can judge the quality of brickwork by the joints.

    Whoever built these joints was smoking them, not cutting them with care. Disgaceful. You'd see better in a Bulgarian shite house


    Manchester agencies win Liverpool One deal
    Sep 10 2010 by Alistair Houghton, Liverpool Daily Post
    Add a commentRecommend TWO Manchester agencies have won the PR and advertising accounts for Liverpool One – which will see them handle a marketing budget estimated to be worth £1.5m.

    Weber Shandwick North (WSN) and McCann Manchester (MM) won the business following a four-stage pitch process this summer.

    The companies plan to “position the brand as one of Europe’s leading leisure and retail destinations” while attracting more customers from Greater Manchester, Cheshire and Lancashire.

    They will start work this month.

    WSN’s managing director, Jo Leah, said: “We are very pleased to be back in Liverpool working for such a prestigious destination and can’t wait to start our campaign, which has exciting new ideas that will take Liverpool One to new audiences in new markets.”

    WSN previously worked on Liverpool’s successful Capital of Culture bid.