Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Mike Storey Destroyed The World Heritage Site.

Almost 30 years ago I was working in Ritson Street off Lodge Lane when the Toxteth Riots happened. It was like a fuse had been lit and the people reacted with anger. They did not burn the doctors down on Parliament Street, or the old folks home. Shortly after Thatcher promised to sort out those "Inner Cities".
Micheal Hesseltines bus arrived shortly after the riots, and dare I say, saved Liverpool at the last chancer saloon. Or should I say those rioters who got him dispatched here did. This visit with a bus full of developers changed Liverpool. He was met by so much dereliction but underneath was a diamond waiting to be polished and our Pier Head had escaped the Luftwaffe's squadrons and was as majestic as the day it was built upon. I never gave up I could always go down to the Pier Head. I would later work at Franklin Stafford architects in Edward Pavilion http://liverpoolpreservationtrust.blogspot.com/2009/06/louise-ellman-mp-dame-of-dereliction.html There was so much to be done.

Trevor Jones lashed himself to Hezza on his visit and Hezza cleverly brushed him aside setting up the Merseyside Development Corporation to bypass the City Council giving it direct responsibility for planning matters. Arthur Dooley had grabbed him by the collar and pleaded with him to save the Albert Dock ( And we cant even save his studio) which was in a very bad state and he obliged, and we were on the road to a recovery that would take decades. The Garden Festival idea came to fruition.
Then Trevor Jones mentored another property developers spiv, Mike Storey and they worked together while Trevor was still a property developer. They whored Council land to all and sundry while Mike was on the board of the NWDA Liverpool Land Development Company and Liverpool Vision. Mike shafted Bill Davies to wrestle control of Chavasse park for Trevors friend The Thin White Duke.
 Joe Anderson was also on the board of Liverpool Vision dont forget he has a lot to answer for.
Dare I say Storey was double dealer who had to resign because he was shown fo what he was when he tried to shaft Henshaw the CE and took on more than he could swallow. Many others will http://liverpoolsubculture.blogspot.com/ 

So now when you hear Mike Storey stating how wonderful Liverpools regeneration is remember he destroyed the World Heritage Site and now when his Tory/ Fib-Dem delegates come out of the new Oldham Echo Arena and head to the new Hilton and look over to Mann Island and think, "What the" they should stop and think that it was one of their own that destroyed the WHS forever.

Mike Storey you should never be forgiven.


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