Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Sharon Granville, of Liverpool Museums,Is Sent Out Again To Front Flemings Folly.

What does it take to work for Liverpool Museums? I know some of the most hardworking and respectable scholars in the country that work there.......and then there are those who are blind, who just run round sorting out Flemings cock-ups. Sharon Granville is one of those. She writes in to the Daily Ghost defending the abysmal level of cock ups, this time saying.

Museum story

REGARDING your article on Tuesday, August 24, concerning the new Museum of Liverpool, I would like to clarify some points: the building contract with the main contractor (PGT) is intact.
There is no issue of an expiry date or any need for renewal. All building contracts provide for a 12-month snagging period post-completion. The fact that a reduced PGT team is currently on site is completely unremarkable.
There is no question over the museum ownership: both the museum and the land are owned by National Museums Liverpool. The exhibition fit-out contract is under way, and the museum will open in 2011.
Sharon Granville, Project Director, Museum of Liverpool

She has written in a few time defending the old tin-pot running the place.
Defending Flemings Folly behaving like a museum Directors lap-dog.
If she is the project director then she should be sacked for the abysmal display of ineptitude.

Dicky Felt-tip P.A and Morrissey lover, the new high powered museum blagger wont be far behind this one either.
What will they do to defend him next when the muck hits the fan?
What will they do when they are sacked and their jobs are done by volunteers?

How can you defend such a pointless waste of tax-payers money?
Unless you are the ones wasting the dosh.

Just look at the views above ruined for Flemings Folly who in his capacity as Director of the International Slavery Museum on Merseyside says he wants all young black men to feel shit.
Get him out.

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