Monday, 19 July 2010

Are Liverpool Museums Skint-Phil Redmond Wants It Run By Volunteers.

Here is a perfect example of some-one out to feather their own nest. Phil Redmond-The Professional Scouser who lives in Tarporly, in leafy Cheshire. They dont have many scouse weddings in that kneck of the woods.
Now because NML is skint and to save embarrasment to the big wigs at NML of which Phil is Chairman, and his wife Alexis is trustee responsible for finances, they now hatch a giant plot to blame everybody else but themselves.
Redmond says,
One is broadening out the current volunteer scheme at National Museums Liverpool (NML) - where Mr Redmond is chairman - which helps give practical work experience and transferable skills such as First Aid training to jobless people.

You build a new museum and then cut back on staff, now thats clever Phil.
Despite disbanding the Friends of Liverpool Museums who were helping run the museums he now wants them to come back minus any dissenters such as Andrew Pearce. This is what Correspondent says.

Redmond in the usual droll manner says,
“There is a model here for us to let people run public assets such as museums, libraries and council services outside normal staffing hours.
“Such training could be used to gain an employer-recognised qualification.”
Another plan is for exhibitions to be held as a platform for people to put forward their own ideas on how local services could be improved. They are Skint.

Here is my idea don't waste £78,000,000 pounds on a museum that nobody wants, or needs and you will be able to have a professional service at NML.


  1. The criticism of Redmond should be relentless and uncompromising. This appallingly unprincipled and self-serving individual deserves all the jeers he has earned. The man is both turncoat and parasite, and arguably mentally unbalanced too.

    Turncoat? Three months back he was sitting on top tables fawning over Labour ministers. Today, his tongue cleans the creases of Tories.

    Parasite? Do I really need to explain?

    Mentally unbalanced? Well, his craving for recognition is alarmingly psychopathic; narcissistic too. Not content with a phoney Professorship, he's manipulated some other stupid trinket from JMU, an Ambassadorial Fellowship. WTF is that? People at JMU say he invented the title himself. Bonkers? Probably

  2. Ronnie............It seems you have summed up 'Our Phil' entirely.

  3. So has Correspondent