Monday, 5 July 2010

Sterkfontein World Heritage Site-The Cradle of Mankind.

I watched as the BBC during their World Cup reporting took time to visit a World Heritage Site that is is described as the Cradle of Mankind. Its where they found Austrolopithecus africanus (see picture above for a reconstruction of the skull). It is said that all life came from here when humankind first became erectus and walked upright. It is where we first came out of the swamps and set on that long evolutionary journey to be educated caring human beings that understand their environment and are able to create monuments that will be with us for all eternity. This is where millions of years of fossils have been found.

And this is where we get to, in 2010. Where humankind goes back into the void of neanderthal thumpery with Liverpool City council being run by cavemen and doling out European Objective One money. 
Where Liverpool shows in 2008 when it was European Capital of Culture it has gone back into the slimy swamps and destroys a world heritage site.

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