Wednesday, 14 July 2010

David "Fuzzy Felt" Fleming-He Should Be Sacked.

NML Can't Pay-Won't Pay.
How many cock-ups does one have to make to get sacked in the public sector. Grand mis-management of a public contract for a new museum in the world heritage site, that started off with a costing of £28,000,000 that ends up costing £78,000,000, and it hasnt finished yet.
Nearly a million pounds paid out for a covenant that they knew about, and now as reported last Friday on these pages, an extra £500,000 to the new architects...not 3XN who were sacked by Fuzzy, who then appointed AEN as architects. This dispute has now cost a further £32,000 in costs,
Today Ben Schofield reports On the damning state of affairs at Liverpool Museums who destroyed Manchester Dock, our culture, to build this new museum. Fleming needs sacking.

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Katie54 wrote:

So we have a very high profile project, designed by renowned architects who won an international competition against very stiff opposition.... then NML wanted to fiddle around with the design (cladding, etc.) and sacked the original architects, appointing the firm that was assisting with navigating UK building regs. etc.... who implemented all the many changes decided by NML.... who then refused to pay for them, although they appear to have unilaterally paid out 750,000 instead of 70,000 odd because they forgot to check the covenants on a World Heritage site!! This is not only an astounding example of arrogance and pride, but all the faffing around appears to have cost a minimum of 1,250,000. Who exactly can call Dr. Fleming to account for his astonishing hubris?

14/7/2010 11:51 AM BST on
I does not stop there, the floor now needs to come up I am reliably informed.
The reality is they have spent all the budget.
Picture of Rome MAXXI which opened 2009..........well they do look exactly the same dont they.


  1. Who should call Fleming to account? Why, the NML Board of course. These people are put in place to oversee the public interest and secure value for money. Not much chance of that in this case. With phoney 'Prof' Redmond in charge, backed by his highly over-rated wife, the chances of Fleming being held to account are zero. These clowns are tight with their own millions, but will spend someone else's money like it's going out of fashion.

  2. Alexis Redmond was a trustee when all the original decisions to appoint 3XN as architects were made. Made worse by she being in control of finances.

    Phil Redmond told me that the new museum and the three black coffins should have been built on his side in Birkenhead

  3. agree with Ronnie d - if the NML Board won't act to remove this man then maybe the Audit Commission should be called in to look at the whole management of the museums.


  5. You are really going to have to add another tick box to the Reactions section.

    I am afraid "Astounded" is no longer sufficient. However I feel the wording for a more suitable tick box appropriate to the activities of these complete idiots would have to border on the obscene.

  6. At a time when Liverpools Care Homes are being closed obscene is an understatement itself.