Monday, 26 July 2010

Shanghai Expo 2010-Liverpool Council Wastes, Its, No, Our, Money, While They Close Care-homes.

Todays PR supplement at The Daily Council is the usual Smoking Mirrors we know and have learnt to detest. Spinning this bad idea, to waste money, is not a thing that we should expect from the local merchants of spin.
This should have been a bad news story right from the outset.
The way the council got caught with the MIPIM Booze Cruise junket so the went a bit further a-feild where they thought no one could find them. Wrong. read Mr Chucklebuttys satirical view on the proceedings.
Todays paper says
Top Chinese businesswoman keen to visit Liverpool after tour of city’s Shanghai Expo pavilion

Jul 26 2010 by Neil Hodgson, Liverpool Daily Post
Comment (1)Recommend ONE of the world’s most powerful businesswomen has visited Liverpool’s pavilion at the World Expo in Shanghai.
Ms Sun Yafang is chair of Huawei Technologies and regularly features in the Fortune 500 as one of the top 50 businesswomen.
Huawei Technologies is a leading provider of telecom services and is China's largest manufacturer of telecoms equipment, serving 45 of the top 50 global operators.
Ms Sun said she was keen to visit Liverpool having seen the business offer at the pavilion.
Oliver Hayakawa, director of the Liverpool Shanghai Partnership, said: “It is fantastic to engage with such high value and powerful individuals who have now gone away knowing so much more about the opportunities in Liverpool.
“These are exactly the sort of people we want to enthuse about the city and consider us in future for investment and business. The word has got around that Liverpool is not just exciting and fun, but a city that is serious about doing business with a fantastic offer.”

I try not to swear too much on these pages, but really do we deserve this shit from lazy journo's who should know better.
Here is one from Our Own Correspondent oh and another.
Now, let me see, which one do I believe?


  1. But you have to love the name of her company,
    Who Are We Technologies.
    Yes well I would welcome Ms Sun Yafang and her Telecom Services, particularly if she comes over and Kicks LDL & BT out of their licence to print money contract with the council.