Thursday, 8 July 2010

Henry Owen John-Same Old English Heritage Rubbish.

ECONOMIC cutbacks mean the outlook is bleak for a range of Merseyside buildings deemed “at risk” by English Heritage in its latest report.
Here is last years report So whats new.

Among the areas highlighted in the heritage watchdog’s register for 2010 is Liverpool’s Duke Street conservation area. Alan Weston writes.
 In its new Heritage at Risk register, English Heritage uses Duke Street as an example of a development which was particularly badly hit by the recession.

It said: “Many sites remain compromised by recent unsustainable property values which can no longer be achieved, resulting in significant conservation deficits for a range of potential development sites.
“Without a continuation of substantial heritage-based regeneration funding, or a reversal in the economic climate, it will be particularly challenging to achieve a positive outcome for a range of key sites in the near future.”
A new addition to the English Heritage list of buildings at risk is the Grade II*-listed Greenbank Drive Synagogue, a 1930s art-deco building in Sefton Park.
The synagogue is now closed as a place of worship, but the local congregation still own and are looking to sell the building.
The report says it is “in need of substantial renovation and repair works to the historic fabric”.
English Heritage also highlighted the condition of Anfield cemetery – sometimes known as Liverpool cemetery – as “generally unsatisfactory with major localised problems”.

Despite this report English Heretics put up no fight to Liverpool City Council giving away the GradeII listed Stanley Park.

A number of other landmark buildings in Liverpool city centre remain on the “at risk” register, such as St Luke’s church at the top of Bold Street; the Wellington Rooms, in Mount Pleasant; the Royal Insurance building, in North John Street; the Church of St Andrew, in Rodney Street; the Church of St James, in St James’s Place; and the Stanley Dock north warehouse.

So whats new there the same old at risk register gets brought out again while the same old regional development director Henry Owen John, who has behaved, in my opinion more like a spiv spouts the same old story again while his boss Neil Cossons working for Liverpool Museums gave away the world heritage site While Peter de Frigerido now enjoys working for Peel holdings
And they give us the same old same old Mr Owen John... The Wellington Rooms.... St James Church....
St Andrews The Royal Insurance on Dale Street that David That David Bartlet said was a mess
English Heritage said it would now be concentrating its resources on “stopping the rot” by arresting any further decay in significant historic places, so they can take advantage of any future economic growth.

Maybe if the little Lord Thurley who runs English Heretics had any idea what he was doing and stopped wasting money we would all have a chance
Henry Owen-John, North West regional director for English Heritage, said: “The combination of the economic downturn and an unfavourable exchange rate which reduces the value of European funding are factors in building projects either not being started or completed.”
As it happens you need to stop the rot at English Heritage who have watched while a billion pounds of European Objective One money was spent on amongst other things, building new apartments in the World heritage Blight while English Heretics funded John Hinchliffe to do nothing to protect it.
Here is one we did earlier


  1. This is just an excuse for Henry Owen-John and his English Heritage mates to wring their hands in fake despair. What did they do to protect Liverpool's endangered buildings when there was some money sloshing around ? Oh yes, they blew it on dodgy projects. Private Eye revealed there were 47 listed buildings lost under Owen-John's stewardship. Enough said.

  2. David I cant understand how someone can get away with consistanly turning a blind eye to what is generally known as heritage and supporting schemes such as the building of One Park Worst on Chavasse Park.