Wednesday, 29 July 2009

English Heritage-Dumber and Dummer

The Condescending Little Lord Thurley at English Heritage has ordered a rewrite of the guides to their historic sites to ensure that they can be read by someone with a reading age of a 10 year old....him.
Recently he read a old book that said there may have been a grand garden at Kennilworth Castle and decided there was, without a scrap of concrete evidence and set out to recreate it with several millions of mine and your taxpayers money to the bemusement of a BBC TV crew and the whole nation laughing their darned socks off.
Dumber and Dummer. Now the Heretics say;
“We need to go to the lowest common denominator without dumbing down and getting facts wrong. We aim for a reading age of 10-11, and we would put it in a very simple, attractive way, with text that is easy to understand.” Said someone from the Properties access group.
Heritage staff have also begun bussing in visitor groups from working-class backgrounds, to get their feedback. At 17th-century Bolsover Castle, the visitors took great interest in the skills of the craftsmen who built it. In future, signs interpreting the site will emphasise the roles of working-class people, such as stonemasons and saddlemakers.

Maybe the Saville Row "Bazooka Joe" is now regretting spending all our dosh on Faulty Towers and maybe he realises if you turn a heritage site into a cafe for the masses that's where the money is. The real people who he needs to make it simple for, are his own staff who cant understand what the word Conservation Area means or World Heritage Site.
I recently interviewed Thurley-gig at a EH book launch at the now ruined Bluecoat........well when I say interviewed him, I had him by the lapel (who is his tailor putting a DB lapel on a SB suit is really not done old boy) asking him how his operatives at the Ministry of out of touch, Ivory tower dwellers looking after Liverpool did not read or understand their own guidelines and instead of protecting us they have assisted in the despoilment of our World Heritage Site, right under his nose.
He was rescued by the Diviot I was talking about and scurried away unable to understand or unwilling to comprehend the continuing problems that we have here in Liverpool with a team who are more interested to sucking up to developers than truthfully advising them as to the principles of Good Conservation. Goodbye its nice to put a face to the name Mr Colquhoun he said as he slipped away leaving me with Liverpool's very own English Heretic.


  1. Well, many may be his failings, but I don't think he singlehandedly makes all the decisions. Best not to believe everything TV documentaries want to portray. It's all rather more complex than that.

    Also, it was Kenilworth not Apethorpe...

  2. Thanks Nem but give us a chance to finish it please