Monday, 26 July 2010

Maghull Developments-Ask For Extension To Josephine Butler House Planning Applications.

Well when I say Josephine Butler House, I mean, what was once Josephine Butler House and is now a piece of Tarmac with four car parking spaces, after Maghull Developments hacked off everyone in the city while hacking off the facade, while a listing application was going through.
What has also happened, now,  is that several other applications have been made for the extensions to planning applications for No 2 Blackburne House and 68 Hope Street. It seems a mistake has been made with the new planning applications. (See letter from Chris Riddleland of the planning office below).
Round up all the usual suspects Mumby, Brant and Burridge who were never around when you need them, who may, choose their schemes to object to carefully on a most publicity basis, and this will create the usual kick off with the press.

letter from Riddleland of the Planning Dept.

Mr Colquhoun,

The applicant’s details were submitted in error by the Planning Agent, Richard Gee, who has subsequently written in and requested that the applicant’s name be changed to Maghull Developments.
Planning and listed building consents (07F/3274), (07L/3275), (07F/3276) & (07L/3278) are due to expire on the 8th April, 14th April 2011, 9th May 2011 & 26th March 2011, respectively. The latest applications (10L/1513), (10F/1515), (10F/1517) & (10L/1518) are applying to extend the time period for implementing these original planning permissions, for a further three year period.

I trust this is of assistance.
Chris Ridland
Municipal Buildings
Dale Street
L2 2DH
Tel: 0151 233 5628
Fax: 0151 233 4290
2010 Year of Health and Wellbeing

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