Monday, 12 July 2010

Trinity "Smoking" Mirrors-An Advertorial For The Museum of Liverpool.

Fridays Post was one I did after talking to a museum mole. There are serious problems down at the new museum. I am informed, reliably that £550,000 of disputes are outstanding and furthermore that the steppage has all been wrongly ordered or cut wrongly and cannot be finished off. This on top of the £750,000 paid to Downing for ruining the views. (why did they pay Downing for destroying our views)
The disputes were reported in the Architects Journal and I sent these on to the Trinity "Smoking" Mirror group..................not a dicky bird. David Bartlett subsequently told me "Yes I got your e-mail and I phoned the architects office and they didn't phone me back". What a Slueth. No wonder we are wasting so much money right under your nose while care homes close around us.
I sent Fridays post off to Bartlett and Ben Schofiels and both editors and was suprised to receive a phone call. "Could we speak to your mole" Ben Schofield said "I think not I value his job" I told him "You will have to do a bit of digging".
So I thought its a big story I will risk having a glance to see what they have found out....... and this is advertorial about how everything is going so well at the mueseum. Not a mention of disputes No wonder the people working at Trinity "Smoking" Mirrrors have lost the respect of the public.
The article says

All six multi-layered glass columns that will make up the Liverpool Map art work have now been fired.

Each one now has to be polished before it is ready for transportation to the new Museum of Liverpool at the Pier Head, where it will be take pride of place in the People’s City gallery.
Inge Panneels, who was chosen to create the Map alongside US glass sculptor Jeffrey Sarmiento after a worldwide call for submissions, said it has been one of the most complex projects of her career.
The Belgian artist said: “It has been technically and physically demanding at times but we are now ahead of schedule to finish the sculpture.
“It’s just a matter of polishing the edges of the columns which should be completed by August. This has been the most complex and most technically demanding projects I’ve worked on.
“It has certainly changed the way I would like to work in the future.”
Made up of six 2m-tall panels of fused glass, the Map aims to capture a snap-shot of Liverpool people’s living memory at a single point in time – during its 800th birthday year of 2007.
A Daily Post appeal saw members of the public chose the local people and places they wanted to feature.
Sarmiento said: “The overall idea is to use the street map as a sort of skeleton within which images, texts and patterns are held.

“When seen in layers the overall work gives an idea of the city’s cultural history and identity. I am very proud to have been a part of this project.
“It’s been quite a journey, and it was a real adrenalin rush when the final glass column came out of the kiln.”
The Liverpool Map is due to arrive at the Museum of Liverpool in September and will be ready to view at the new attraction next year.
Janet Dugdale, the museum’s director of urban history, said: "It's fantastic to have been involved in such a project, particularly as the public have had so much input in its content.
“The Museum of Liverpool is devoted to telling to story of the city and its people, and it's essential that people feel part of it.”

What a disgraceful situation when the local press appear to hide things from the public and do good-will stories about things no-body wants to know about just to promote the White Elephant-On-Sea. No wonder they were allowed to destroy the world heritage site with this level of, well I nearly said journalism there, but I meant trash.

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