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Mike McCartney-Professional Scouser and Pisstaker.

Correspondent sent me a link to a new exhibition of the work of Edward Chambre Hardman which is opening 26th July, and running to 20th August 2010. He sent this link from Directory of

Hardman’s ‘Hope’ Exhibition

26th July-August 20th
Liverpool Cathedral is to host a new digital photography exhibition charting life in the Hope Street Quarter from the 1920’s to the 1970’s.

‘Hardman’s Hope’, which features photographs taken by renowned Liverpool photographer E. ChambrĂ© Hardman, will run from July 26th.
The exhibition will be narrated by fellow photographer Mike McCartney, whose expert opinion, natural humour and love of Liverpool help bring the exhibition to life.
There will also be a ‘hands on’ exhibition of vintage cameras used by Hardman and the chance to try the family trail, ‘Stomp and Click,’ which takes visitors through the Hope Street Quarter, allowing them to walk in the shoes of Hardman and take their own contemporary photographs of the area.
Access to the Cathedral, exhibition and the trail is free with a prize for those who complete the trail and the chance to submit photographs taken for a large collage, which will be used in the final week of the exhibition.
Visitors looking for inspiration for the Cathedral 2 Cathedral Photography Competition, ‘Life in Hope’ (which closes on August 20th) can also find encouragement in Hardman’s work.
Although he had an excellent reputation throughout the city for his work with portraits, it wasn’t until after his death that his photography was truly appreciated, showing the changes to Liverpool over the years.
Hardman’s house and studio at 59 Rodney Street, along with his huge collection of images, was acquired by the National Trust in 2002.
It is the only known photographic studio of the twentieth century where all of the work has been preserved intact alongside his home, personal and business papers.
For more information on the exhibition or the Cathedral 2 Cathedral photographic competition, visit

59 Rodney Street is open Weds – Sun, 11am – 3.30pm. Admission is by timed ticket. For details and bookings call 0151 709 6261.

The exhibition is curated by Scafolder Mike McCartney. brother of Paul, professional scouser, who lives on the Wirral and general lazy pisstaker... and alleged fondler. See part of a programme narrated by John Peel telling the Chambre Hardman tale.

We had to wrestle this archive off him and his fellow trustees.
The full reality is he was one of the trustees who wanted to close down the house in Rodney Street and send the collection off to the Bradford Museum of Film, which one of the fellow trustees ran.
He was one of the trustees that I exposed after going through the accounts at the Charity Commission, and handing them over to the press, as wasting 300 grand of actual money, and letting the house go to rack and ruin.
He was the one who I complained to David Porter of the National Trust, to be a goon, and already let the Chambre Hardman bequeath become into such a perrilous situation, and that he should not be let near it ever again.
" I may feel the same way as you, but the situation is, that we need his brothers imput...and finances, and so we have to have him on board whether we like it or not"
I wonder how much Paul "Macca" McCartney will donate to put his little brother out front of this exhibition?

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