Monday, 23 August 2010

Dr David Fleming-To Be Investigated by Liverpool City Council

After another Dr David Fuzzy Fleming comment, this  time "I Want All Young Black Men To Feel Shit". It now seems that a full investigation has been started by Liverpool City Council after Council Leader Joe Anderson was made aware of his comments made at a recent symposium about Slavery.
He may wish to be controversial but this just shows him for what he is. A Black Lady from the floor said "I do not wish this for my two sons when they visit a museum"

More to Follow.
He had previously said while being interviewed in New Zealand by Dr Diana Cobley.

"Why is it that most curators and museum staff are completely dysfunctional in normal society?

"Most of them you would not want to take out for a drink. They’re weird! And why is it that our sector thinks it’s appropriate to put weird people at the head of it?"
Yes well.........

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