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Museum of Liverpool-Citadel of Disaster

The news that John Venables is back behind bars is tragic for Denise Bulger now Denise Fergus. It is still a heart-wrenching topic that evokes strong feelings on Merseyside and further a field. Yet is was not too long ago, 2006 in fact that Museum Director David Fleming had to make a public apology to Denise Bulger for daring to suggest that the topics in the then proposed new museum would take in a contemporary twist to the darker side with an…….exhibition.... of the Hillsborough tragedy and the Jamie Bulger murder. The man has to be sick in the head I thought.

On the 27th November 06 an article appeared in the Guardian.

The Beatles to James Bulger: Liverpool at its best - and worst
Merseyside split over £65m project that has enraged murdered toddler's mother
The aim is certainly ambitious: to create a museum, unlike any other in the world, to celebrate the rich heritage of Liverpool. From prehistory to its days as a hub of the British empire, to the Beatles and Alan Bleasdale.

But the £65m project to capture the city's "creativity, its wit, its imagination, its sheer contrariness" is already dividing opinion in Merseyside. There has been rather more of the latter than the former, particularly over the decision to ensure that the museum reflects its tragedies as well as its triumphs. The mother of James Bulger, the toddler who was killed 13 years ago, was incandescent when told her son's murder might feature in the Museum of Liverpool. There are concerns over its design too.

But it seems Denise Fergus, mother of James Bulger, who was murdered by two 10-year-old boys in 1993, was not consulted and learned that the story of her son's death could be told in the galleries only when she read a newspaper report. "I am boiling with rage," she said. "What kind of callous people would think of doing this in the name of art and culture? They must be mad if they think I am going to stand by and watch them do this to the memory of my precious son."
Ms Fergus added that she would take legal action to prevent pictures of James being used in the museum. David Fleming, director of National Museums Merseyside, has now written to Ms Fergus to apologise but claims his vision for the museum had been distorted.
Please read the article but it all started when Joe Riley wrote after said idiot Fleming opened his mouth and bile came out while Yoko Ono looked on.

Museum to tell of city's dark side
Nov 15 2006
By Joe Riley Arts Editor, Liverpool Echo
THE new £65m waterfront museum of Liverpool will be the biography of the city.Dr David Fleming, director of National Museums Liverpool, told a launch reception for the project that it would also reveal a "darker side".Among the issues covered will be the James Bulger and Anthony Walker murders and Hillsborough disaster.He told the town hall dinner attended by Yoko Ono: "This will be the most radical and imaginative city museum in the world."Liverpool is already one of the most extraordinary cities in its subject matter and it is fitting that this museum is being created here."It is the legacy we will be bequeathing to future generations. Together we can make history."Dr Fleming said the building would be "a great physical legacy of 2008" on a par with past achievements such as St George's hall and Liverpool cathedral.The "warts and all" museum would reflect the port and people.Dr Fleming, who said city museum and gallery attendances were growing faster than anywhere in the country, added: "The city needs a far larger museum to do it justice." Among promises was the display showing "the Beatles could only have come from Liverpool."Yoko Ono nodded her approval as she sat among cultural and business leaders.She told the ECHO: "I want to help spread the word. I am very keen to find out more."National Museums Liverpool chairman TV presenter Loyd Grossman said: "This building will be the best of its type as the world's leading city heritage museum."It is unique and the most exciting museum project in Europe. It will be the most significant permanent benefit of Capital of Culture."Also announced was a £1m donation to the museum from the Garfeld Weston Foundation, the largest gift NML has ever received from a trust or foundation.
I recall thinking is this man stupid is he really allowed to make decisions that affect people. Does he really deserve being in control of our heritage when he interprets things this way? He should have been sacked.
Larry Nield commented in his then weekly column.  http://icliverpool.icnetwork.co.uk/liverpooldailypost/ourview/columnists/larryneild/tm_method=full%26objectid=18166046%26siteid=50061-name_page.html

He went on to destroy Manchester Docks while UNesco looked on. http://society.guardian.co.uk/communities/story/0,,2026581,00.html
Denise Fergus refuses to speak with The Oldham Echo and the Liverpool Daily Ghost for the way they portrayed the tradgedy of her sons murder and she speaks through Mercury press.

The picture is the Rome MAXXI which opened last year...well they both look the same.

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  1. I remember the rumpus at the time and agree Mr Fleming should have been sacked