Thursday, 25 March 2010

The Liver Bird-A Corruption of its Former Shadow.

Corrupted, by the power they possess The Liverpool Daily Ghost and the Oldham Echo just keeps churning out PR trash for Liverpool’s property developers.

This is a picture one of their snappers took, of the world heritage decimation that has unfolded under the very eyes of the blind leading the blind at the Trinity “Smoking” Mirrors Group local headquarters in Oldham Hall Street. You may think its just me thinking outloud but always worth a read is a real Correspondent who cant be bought, he tells it as it is.
The headline that accompanies this picture is as obscene as the notion itself
Everything changes but you……the Liver Birds still stand proud on an ever changing skyline. Mark Thomas again, I am cringing, No Mark should be ashamed of himself proclaiming that as a paper they are proud to see the changing skyline, but its alright you can still see the Liver Birds, the symbol of our city.... if you go down to the Maritime Museum where they got rid of all the Herculaneum Pottery lean out of a window squint your eyes with a pair of binoculours and find a gap through the Three Grotesques.
It is no wonder they got away with it with educated idiots who have sold their soul and the cities soul for an advertorial selling us down our own river. 

But hey! now we have the Liver Guy, Peel Holdings new symbol and yes with the help of No Mark they will turn the symbol of our city the Liver Bird into a Gooney Bird and tell us its all alright its progress.

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