Monday, 22 March 2010

Salford Star-Tells It Like It Is.

While we are getting "Peeled"by the local papers The Liverpool Daily Ghost Writer for Peel, dead man walking, will someone put it out of its misery, and the Liverpool/Oldham Echo, Whose printing presses have been moved to Oldham, we always like to read a bit of quality and I usually subscribe to the Salford Star I have today added it to the "Blog Roll" of other blogs that we feel pertinent to Liverpool. Why you may ask, what has Salford got to do with Liverpool. Read the following links and that will become obvious. Trinity "Smoking" Mirrors now own the Manchester Evening News so we are going to get it from every angle from now on on behalf of Peel it seems.
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salford star said...

Greetings from the Salford Star...thought you might like to read this re Peel
and this about a local election here a couple of year's ago
and this from our annual awards ceremony

Meanwhile Private Eye take an interest again in Liverpool, just who is the Liverpool Piloti keeping us abreast of shenanigans in Nooks and Corners? (page 12 issue 1258), Its not the first time Liverpool has graced the pages of the satirical mag. This time its about the museum and it starts of with MORE from the Capital of Civic ineptitude. The Times gave our Chief Executive  Colin "Cover Up" Hilton a mention also see link below. It talks about Liverpool Voted the worst Local Authority in the Country in 2008 while the Chief Executive was paid over 200 grand. It does not mention that he was picked for his post by Warren Bradley and Mike Storey the Property Developers Spiv and ex council leader of Liverpool City Council who had to resign in shame and who was mentored by Clever Trevor into his post.
Proffessor gives us a humerous insight but these bastards have been laughing all the way to the bank.

Thanks to people like those at the Salford Star telling the truth we can mark what is happening no wonder the newspapers are in such a financial mess. Well done keep up the work.

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