Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Spivs-R-Us Burst Hurst is Re-inflated


I AM GOING TO DIRECT YOU THROUGH TO THE BLOG BELOW because it says all I wished to say....well not quite... like... how can these ignorant public paid officials such as Warren "Barney Rubble" Bradley be so brash as to think they can get away with makes a mockery of the whole of the public system backslappery in Liverpool.
FELLOW FIREMAN LOOKS AFTER HIS MATE. And why are we always putting "Barneys" fires out in this city.
Barney was mentored by disgraced Mike Storey the new Lord Mayor who was mentored by ex lord Mayor Clevor Trevor...Barney now as leader of the council effectivly dishes out the jobs for the boys without a inkling for public opinion. Oh the poor fellow he has been through such a rough time he has to move on he says.
Just how did you get away with that one Barney.

The Proffessors acurate description of all the current proceedings regarding the downfall of the Hurst before his re-inflation.

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