Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Neptune Developments-World Heritage Vandals

Neptune are they from another Planet?
Or are they on Uranus?
These are the first looks of what the "stick a brick granite" finish is for the world heritage site. Good eh!!!
The funding for these blocks is paying for the new X-Box, Egg Box Museum.
Clever eh!!
They told us this was a quality building.
Oh alright spin us another one, just like the other one!!
In the News today is the blurb that Neptune are to begin vandalising New Brighton. That's both sides of the Mersey ruined.

They of the "Three Grotesques".
Rob Mason has a lot to say for himself.
After graduating as a Civil Engineer, Rob was employed by an Engineering Consultancy. He returned to university to study for a masters degree in Civil Design. Rob subsequently spent 14 years working on regeneration projects, both with Liverpool City Council and Liverpool Land Development Company prior to joining Neptune in 2004.
It is interesting that Mike"Jackanory" Storey became Lord Mayor yesterday despite having to resign as council leader in disgrace. He was working for the museums when the go-ahead was given for the egg box museum...oh and he was on the committee of the NWDA where the funding came from to build it. He was a director of Liverpool Land Development Company. Funny that so was Rob Mason of Neptune, NOW there's a co-incidence.
Storey was Mentored by Trevor Jones whose wife Lady Doreen was chair of the planning committee passing all plans laid before her for the WHS, Exercising a casting vote for the "Three Grotesques". Storey was in the thick of it pushing the ruination of the WHS ....and he's back like a bad penny he always turns up.
Clever Trevor was an ex Lord Mayor himself.


  1. It is really grim, couldn't agree more. No cohesion at all, just odd (in all senses) buildings dumped at random, with no thought to context or surrounding listed buildings (and the World Heritage Site).

  2. I remember the original and delightful Voss Motors building which was demolished to make way for this monstrosity. The Herbert Rowse designed Voss Motors was low rise (two storeys with a large basement for vehicles). It allowed fabulous views of the Pier Head across Canning Dock. It was eminently suitable as a museum, gallery or exhibition space. Along with this act of vandalism, the remains of the old dock and railway tunnel ventilation system were smashed up. This was all done with the help of "English Heritage" (sic) who should be ashamed of their part in this. UNESCO were also warned about this blot on our World Heritage site but chose to do nothing. Liverpool's planning committee pushed the decision through against vehement opposition. SHAME on them all.