Thursday, 28 May 2009

David Irving Planning Chairman Does Not Live in Liverpool.

Liverpool planning chairman in Southport home row. Well done Mr Bartlett.
Well they have finally caught up with the fact that the people who run the city don't live here.....check out Trevor Jones address on Google earth CH4 9DG. It appears he could throw his mobile phone into the Duke of Westminster's back yard (y'know the biggest landowner in the city who was given a third of the city centre). While Irving standing in for Lady Doreen the previous Chairperson passed all the Grosvenor plans that came before him. When Land owned by Clevor Trevor and Lady Dorian came up at planning meetings guess what... he passed the plans. When the land lay derelict and the director of the "developer" Windsor Developments was allegedly convicted of fraud and struck off the accountants register nothing was said.
They are all swilling around I the same bucket of dross in my opinion.
I had blogged these facts weeks ago.
He came past my shop a couple of weeks ago on a crutch he had just had an operation on his toe......I asked him about the Jones property dealings. "I don't take Backhanders" he said. "I never said you did" I replied.
He gives his address as 96 Moscow Drive, L13 7DL on the councillor
Mates with the convicted Steve Hurst I watched them working in tandem stitching planning meetings as they wished,
May 28 2009 by David Bartlett, Liverpool Daily Post
Liverpool planning chairman in Southport home row
A ROW has erupted over where the chairman of Liverpool’s planning committee lives, after he was allegedly followed by “private investigators”.
Cllr Dave Irving, who represents Knotty Ash for the Liberal Democrats, claimed that the Labour Party had him followed.
Labour claim the party was anonymously sent a dossier containing evidence that allegedly shows Cllr Irving lives in Southport.
Cllr Irving said he spends the week living with his son in Moscow Drive, in Tuebrook, and spends weekends in Southport with his ex-wife, Yvonne.
Liverpool city council’s solicitor Paul Evans has been asked by Labour to investigate the claims against Cllr Irving. Under council rules, candidates must have lived in the council area they are standing in for the whole of the previous 12 months at the time of nomination, or be registered as an elector for the council area in which they wish to stand or have worked in the area.
Cllr Irving, a retired police officer, lists his home address as being Moscow Drive. He also owns a home in Dunbar Road, Southport.
The allegations against Cllr Irving were presented to him and the police last year ahead of the May local elections.
Police decided to take no further action, and Cllr Irving refused to remove himself from nomination.He went on to win the Knotty Ash seat by just 35 votes.
The row has surfaced after Cllr Irving accused Labour in a council meeting of having him followed.
Cllr Anderson said: “The evidence was sent to our office in Laurel Road. It’s a nonsense to say we had him followed.
“We gave the evidence to the police last year and they said they had no reason to disbelieve that he was trying to reconcile his marriage.
“Since then, we have been sent more information which cast serious doubt on where he spends his time.
“So we have given it to the city solicitor to look into.”
Cllr Irving said: “I live most of the time with my son in Moscow Drive, and spend weekends in Southport with my ex-wife.
“I have listened to the Labour party go on about Steve Hurst [convicted of breaking election law] and they are making out they are whiter than white, far from it.”
He said he believed the Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act had been breached and had considered taking legal action, but did not want to cause members of his family any distress.

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