Friday, 19 March 2010

Peel Holdings Want the Pier Head-Stinky Ink Bartlett Goes Native in Cannes.

Here we have todays headline from the Putrid little excuse for a newspaper, The Liverpool Daily Ghost. (dead man walking will someone put it out of its misery). So up the behind of local property developers are they, that Stinky Ink Bartlett has been dispatched to to Cannes for the MIPIM Booze Cruise junket. We are not sure who paid his expenses but all week he has been reporting on Peel Holdings  and Peel Holdings

And Peel Holdings  and more from Peel Holdings.
Then yesterday they lined us up with this one  and today they put this into the arena. Can the public really be so stupid to take this hook line and stinker.

This time it’s a plan to illegally get rid of the Ferries and put in its place a cruise liner facility.
The Ferries are protected by law by an act of Parliament and still they try it on. Smoothed along by Stinky Ink and edited by "No" Mark Thomas you have to say the local papers are selling us down the river with their marketing of Peel Holdings on behalf of tax exile and owner of Peel

Stinky writes

LIVERPOOL'S Pier Head could become a base for cruise liners under radical temporary plans to transfer business from a dilapidated dock.
Last year the Government blocked plans to make the waterfront location a start and finish base for cruise liners – forcing ships to continue using Bootle’s Langton Dock to access full "turnaround" facilities like baggage handling and passport control.

But officials from the Mersey Docks and Harbour Company, owned by developer Peel, are in discussions with the city council to temporarily transfer cruises from Langton Dock to the publicly owned landing stage at the Pier Head.
He stinks on Peel today insisted this was a short term solution as it wants to build its own cruise terminal as part of its £5.5bn skyscraper Liverpool Water scheme.
And on

Ian Pollitt, development surveyor for Peel, said the company was trying to find solutions to cruise liner companies having to use Langton Dock.
"What we are looking at now is a half way house. Rather than lose the business we are talking about relocating it to the Pier Head."
It is hoped the plan would avoid the need for any grants to be paid back as it would only be a temporary move.
Once Peel's terminal had opened the cruise liners would return to a base further up the River.
Peel's terminal is already fully designed and located near the 60-storey Shanghai Tower in the Liverpool Waters Scheme.

The tower would be built at Princes Half Tide Dock.
In the comments section.
Moriarty wrote:
Stuff Southampton and stuff Peel Holdings. Let's have our OWN terminal and put a stop to the 'St Johnification' of the waterfront. Enough is enough. 
David Bartlett had to admit that when he came to Liverpool he did not know who Bill Shankly was, he had no trouble finding out who Lyndsay Ashworth was though.
All week we have been hearing from the Daily Peel with its chief publicity agent “The Milky bars are on Peel” Bartlett

They have stolen the iconic Skyline now they even want the world famous Ferries.


  1. This farce has gone on long enough. For pity's sake, how difficult can it be to find a solution? The Ghost and Echo don't help with their continuous inane blurb, which just muddies the waters. Is anyone out there prepared to do the obvious thing - find the £9M to pay off the grant subsidy and get us moving with a cruise liner turn-around.

  2. Well said Dave

    Also the Mersey Docks and Harbour Board were of course a seperate entity and were not a private company.

    There is also some grey area as the Ferry Terminal that would be used for a baggasge handling facility as european money was used to build it.

  3. Cruise Wars continued...Southampton versus Liverpool - just when they thought it was all over ! Southampton had heard the final whistle and left the pitch, Liverpool (capained by Peel)declared their own extra time and carried on regardless.
    Where is the pride in our city?

  4. Peel will also charge for berthing and why should we build up business for them. It will be funded by the North Vested Interest Development Agency next.

  5. Greetings from the Salford Star...thought you might like to read this re Peel
    and this about a local election here a couple of year's ago

    and this from our annual awards ceremony

    good luck

  6. What will Southampton have to say about this