Friday, 18 December 2009

What Have Peel Holdings Ever Done For Liverpool?

Still waffling today is David "Stinky Ink" Bartlett about how showing he is not understanding the full situation with relation to the politics surrounding Liverpools Cruise Liner Cock-Up.

The full truth of the matter which Bartlett should be concentrating on is Peel are pulling the strings they want to build their own Cruise Liner Facility. So packaged up by Bartlett today is the first hint of the true story. I advised senior shipping writers in the Daily Ghost to these facts over 6 months ago. Is this selling papers? well if you look at the sales figures for the Daily Ghost you will note that it apears that the public are so fed up with Trinity "Smoking" Mirror making it up as they go along, or unable or unwilling to grasp hold of the truth. Lethargic in their approach, scared to upset the people who pay for advertising or place advertorials for them to package into a lazy days work. Peter Elson should have been consulted over this, or allowed to spell out the truth of which he is aware. Larry Neild was there years ago telling us all how wonderful it is we have got a new dawn with ships coming back up the Mersey. Unable or unwilling to work out the truth Larry Bartlett now follows in the Oldham Echo tradition. It apears I am not alone in my condensed thoughts. or
So now we are informed that Peel will help us. Take a look at the picture above of the Cruise Liner Terminal at Langton Dock to see how they have been helping our visitors to the a shed, to have their passports checked. I spelt it out in July. So Bartlett now tells us Peel are going to help us by reducing the port costs. I am just laughing my head off while Peels director is laughing all the way to his Isle of Man tax exile branch to deposit another packet.
They filled in Princes Dock and built Milton Keynes-On-Sea that is the sort of stuff Peel do for us. While leaving the docks in a disgraceful state.


  1. What have Peel Holdings ever done for Liverpool ? Very good question. Not much apart from being complicit in the rape of our World Heritage waterfront and historic dock system. Oh, and filling the pages of the Oldham Echo with shiny architect's pie-in-the-sky drawings.

  2. This is what the Ghost has to say

    Comment: time for round two in the fight to upgrade the cruise liner terminal
    Dec 17 2009 by William Leece, Liverpool Daily Post
    Add a commentRecommend EVEN though it was half expected by those with their ears to the ground, the decision by the Government to refuse Liverpool permission to upgrade the cruise liner terminal will have come as a bitter disappointment.

    It all smacks of government lawyers wanting to play this absolutely by the book, rather than actively looking for ways in which Liverpool’s request can be accommodated within the rules that allowed European money to help pay for the project.

    This kind of thinking from certain departments in Whitehall has become all too familiar to those dealing with European legal matters. It probably explains why those at the Liverpool end have been able to move on so quickly to the next stage in the fight to have the terminal used as it should be, as a start and finish point for cruises serving the whole of the north of England and a large part of the Midlands.

    And it is a fight, make no doubt about it. Not necessarily with Southampton, which does a perfectly good job of serving the cruise liner demands from the South and the South-West, but with block-headed government officials seemingly incapable of advising a minister that there may well be alternatives – such as the suggestion that the terminal might be designated an essential part of Liverpool’s transport infrastructure.

    The mere fact that Paul Clark’s decision has made bed-fellows of the Lib-Dems and Labour on Liverpool City Council, plus the Tories’ shadow minister for Merseyside, should be enough to make those at the Department of Transport stop and pause.

    If the worst comes to the worst, perhaps it still may be best to repay the £9m in Euro-support and have done with it. Whatever the method used, Liverpool and the Mersey need that terminal.

  3. totally wonderful site - i told 3 different reporters on the echo about what was obvious to anyone about mann island 2 years ago - they did nothing because the shady dealers were all backing efc and the echo is run by efc plus advertising revenues - its not far fetched its true, nwda (broomhead) bought land mann island, what is a quango buying land for ? they gave themselves large grants for site feasabillity studies and gave grants to neighbouring land owners re canal which would benefit themsselves - the end game was obvious,council leaders on the nwda board etc it all stinks.