Monday, 14 December 2009

Big Wheel Keep Turning.

I have to say this big wheel is great. It looks brilliant of a night in the high tensile shopping centre of Grosvenor-pool. I have not gone up yet for fear of seeing the destruction of the WHS. Manchester has one, Newcastle and every other city so Liverpool now follows. The Daily Ghost said Liverpool now has a London Eye...huh!.     I love it that much that I have at great expense had engineers in, and have laid some massive steel girders in my garden for my own big wheel. I have spoken to the company who erected Liverpools to have one installed no problem they said we will do it for free and the money taken is so vast you dont owe us a penny. It does not matter that it will overlook a thousand residential dwellings or hotels that is not important it is the bigger picture that we see. its all in the name of progress that big wheel keeps turning. And you know what you dont even need a planning application.......well Grosvenor didn't.

Spin the camera around and there you see more regeneration or, degeneration, more like. Here we have the WHS and the Three Black Slugs sliming thier way onto our skyline, now thats, not progress. Why would you destroy your best asset, Liverpools magestic views no more. Why destroy the front cover of almost every book about Liverpool. The worst and most damaging of the Three Slugs is now full slime ahead. Kevin McLoud called Liverpool One "The Rebranding of a City" when he opened up his talk at the Stirling Prize. Well what if we don't want to be rebranded this way what if we were alright as we were. If its not broke dont fix it, or in this case if its fixed..... break it. We will never live down the criminal act of destroying the WHS, showing cultural dimwitted-ness beyond compare. Just wait till we all, realise what they have done.

We argued that what Liverpool needed on Mann Island was something like a big wheel to make a visual impact, a park, something you could take down that would not be permanent.

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