Thursday, 24 December 2009

Liverpool Planning, Its a Pantomime-Nigel Lee-He's Behind You.

There he is the "Dick.......Dastardly" Nigel Lee the Chief Planning Disaster of Liverpools misfortune and his sidekick John “Mutley” Bimbo…snassinfrassin away selling us down the river at planning committee meetings. This time of the year while everyone else is down at the Playhouse watching the actors in The 39 Steps, make merriment, or shopping for woolly jumpers in the new Grosvenor-pool The Riechmarshal Lee and his army of elves grind away with some of the most important planning applications while no-one is interested. He really is behind you. In fact too close for comfort. In my opinion he is shafting you. You see he knows that nobody will be paying attention at this time of the year. As do the people running the city the Fib-Dems and so they decide to put plans to sell the library to a private firm on view. Planning app 09L/2618 & 09F/2617 Combine the Xmas rush with the biggest snowfall of the year unveiling a national disaster people having to abandon cars all over the country and alter travel plans and there you have it perfect timing. Send in the Clowns. There has to be clowns. This convenient council way of dealing with planning applications is like falling off a yuletide log for Nigel Lee the Captain Hook look-alike. He is behind you, really close and he is stabbing you in the back.
Planning application 09F/2612 no 7 Princess Parade in the WHS on behalf of Lead Asset Strategies (Liverpool) Ltd, drops through the door on Xmas Eve….he is behind you.

We have just had an application 09L/2457 to replace the doors on Herbert Rowses Ventilation Shaft. Dame Henry Owen John says on behalf of the English Heritcs. “Its nothing to do with us”, while the 20th Century Society go mad with bemusement.
He is behind you and there is hardly any one that I would wish their Xmas Turkey gets stuck in their throats, but I will make an exception in this case…………….Beware he is behind you.

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