Thursday, 3 December 2009

New Housing Estate for the Town Centre.

In the spirit of Christmas a new housing estate has sprung up in Lord Street. Or is it a Continental market full of scousers selling stinky cheese?. Right in front of all the shops in this part of town who pay their rates. Grosvenor obviously did not want them blocking access to all those money spinning multi-national companies that have just been given amazing rent free terms to abandon other parts of town for the new swanky part.


  1. Have they got the big wheel where it was last year?

  2. this hut village is a disgrace you cannot get along the street anymore becauise of tacky little huts selling tacky old stuff. cant they put it in a place where its not blocking the street on busy Xmas shopping days.

  3. I feel for the businesses along there 3 years of digging up streets and highways making it almost impossible to trade to accomodate Grosvenor-pool being built then when it opens we go into the worst reccession since the 30s. It would suit Grosvenor if they were the centre of town but what about all of us small businesses that need support. There should be a permanent place for street markets not in front of people who pay their rates and have done for years.


    The papers catch up eventually.