Monday, 7 December 2009

Barge Watch-Liverpool Canal Link An Expensive Folly.

Did no-one work out that for 6 months of the year this 20 million pounds canal link folly would be redundant.
We are now starting a new competition "Spot the Barge". Answers on a postcard your starters for ten.
Who will spot the first barge..Just like the first Cuckoo arriving spring, when will the first barge arrive. When will those bargees finally brace the frozen tundra of Liverpools Pier Head. When will the ice melt and the first boat arrive. We are waiting in anticipation. The Manchester Ship Canal that Peel Holdings own is doing alright.
Here is a picture taken by Mrs Sidebottom from Salford of the Oldham Echo Delivery barge ghosting its way down the Manchester Ship Canal with its  delivery of Council propaganda (5 days late) telling us all about how great the new canal link is and how wonderful to have the 20 million pounds of taxpayers money spent in such a way when most of Toxteth still lies in ruins, 3 decades after the Toxteth Riots. 

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