Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Trinity "Smoking" Mirrors Liverpool. Is Alistair Macrazy out of control. J'Acusse.

This a letter printed in todays Daily Ghost. (Even Brocklebank is using the term Daily Ghost now). pic courtosy the Liverpool Echo http://www.liverpooldailypost.co.uk/views/liverpool-columnists/mr-brocklebank/2009/12/01/mr-brocklebank-finds-a-ghost-in-the-house-92534-25291555/ The real ghost is the Ghost writer who does the letters page.
I have to concur that I no longer write the majority of the Brocklebank column anymore, at times I was contributing 90% thinking I was helping local debate until I woke up . http://liverpoolpreservationtrust.blogspot.com/2009/10/oldham-echo-mind-control-to-major-tom.html
Are these local papers under the leadership of "Alastair Macrazy Horse" totally out of control. Is he so contemptable that he does not care anymore for those who buy his papers? Did he ever anyhow?
The letters page is sponsered by Frank McKennas, Downtown Liverpool. http://liverpoolpreservationtrust.blogspot.com/2009/11/is-frank-mckenna-really-editing.html

Take this as a small example of contempt there is a lot more where this came from. Yesterdays letters.

Take time to appreciate

Dec 1 2009
I WOULD like to reassure Mr Green from Dutton (Letters, November 30) over his concerns about the development on Mann Island. I appreciate his, and others’, feelings about potential loss of views of The Three Graces from the Albert Dock. These views have defined Liverpool and have inspired both wonder and amazement in many.
I also appreciate that resistance to change is a part of human nature. However, I would also suggest that, in time and with completion, that most of the naysayers will gradually come to like and appreciate this new development.
If you take some time to look at the site, you will see how the cladding of the three new buildings reflect the surrounding buildings and the sky in quite a magical way. You will also notice how the three structures have been cleverly designed so as to still preserve key sight-lines from the Albert Dock – tantalising glimpses of more to come.
Furthermore, you will note that, when complete, a whole new public realm will have been created. What also will be worthwhile is the relocation of The Open-Eye Gallery into one of the buildings – many people have never encountered this gallery, but will soon be able to. It will not all be apartment blocks! Once the new museum is complete, the access bridge from The Albert Dock will re-open and the whole area will be re-vitalised and buzzing. I remember all of the concerns that people voiced before Liverpool One opened: fearing the loss of Chavasse Park – but who would now honestly say that the remodelled park is not a huge success?
All of the new developments have breathed life and vitality back into Liverpool. It strikes me that there are far too many people whose initial reactions are always negative and critical – it is very life-denying, because to move into the future we have to change and embrace the new.
J Anderson, Grassendale
Well everyone is entitled to their opinion....if it were a valid opinion.
Yesterdays Daily Ghost had this letter which I printed in the comments of yesterdays posting. Notice that it says.... by Pamela Hoey....yes there is a clue. It may be apparant they havn't even got enough staff to disguise what they are up to these days.
Its just not my view that has been noticed by others.  http://condensedthoughts.blogspot.com/2009/11/subversive-elements-smuggle-letter-into.html see Correspondent actually thinks about what they write.
So it would have meant someone would have had to pick up a pen and write a letter, take it to a postbox where it would have been recieved the next day, considering the Ghost is printed in Oldham the same day as the letter apeared it would have gone in the day after next. But no its in todays letters page, the next day. How can this be?.........Unless they already had the letter when they set it up. You know they are not even clever enough to disguise it anymore. What an absolute disgraceful act of confidence tricksters. It is not easy to catch them out these days. I defy them to prove me wrong.

Eyesore blocks fabulous view

Nov 30 2009 by Pamela Hoey, Liverpool Daily Post

Add a commentRecommend THERE are places that have the good fortune to be blessed with buildings or locations which over time become regarded with much affection and draw world-wide admiration.
Liverpool has the Pier Head and the Three Graces. This complex has won international recognition, culminating in the deserved accolade of World Heritage Site.
Liverpudlians are justifiably proud of the fact their city possesses something unique and a view that is iconic. This prompts me to pose a question. Can a value or price be placed on such a thing?
To have one iconic view is, for any city, a priceless asset. But Liverpool, by virtue of the warehouse clearances in the 1980s, became the owner of two views. I refer to the vista that was opened up with the demolition of the buildings around the Salthouse Dock. In one broad sweep the Albert Dock, Pump House, the “Graces” and the Art Deco Mersey Tunnel ventilation tower were on spectacular view.
Presented with such outrageous good fortune as the custodians and trustees of this visual treasure, what have the city fathers done to express their appreciation and determination to conserve this precious asset? With a lack of imagination and insensitivity they have authorised the construction of – a block of flats.
The view has now been effectively wrecked with what I have every confidence will prove an architectural non-entity.
Inevitably one has to ask the question, bearing in mind our inclusion in the exalted company of World Heritage Sites, would the Indians have built a block of flats in front of the Taj Mahal? Will the Americans enhance the Statue of liberty thus?
I don’t think so.
I wonder – apart from the short-sighted individuals who authorised construction – if there is any enthusiasm or support for this eyesore from the public?

F T Green, Dutton

Well and truly caught do they not have any morales. from now on Little Brother is watching Big Brother and a full report will go to the Directors of Trinity Mirror.


  1. 1st December

    August 11th


    lazyness will get you nowhere...unless its filling Trinity Mirror same recycled hash over and over again.

  2. A little knowledge is a dangerous thing, Mr C. You still have friends on the staff of the Daily Post and the Echo, and any one of them would have told you, had you enquired, that the person who 'creates' a story is not necessarily the author.
    It's all part of the technicalities of industrial-strength word-processing and page design and I've no intention of boring you with the details - they bore us enough, and we're paid to do it! - but the upshot is that you're way off beam.


    Scouse Hack

  3. I still have friends at the local papers.
    But passing the buck to blame other people is what is bringing the papers down.


    This is not just my opinion and the comments and posts on this blog are not all mine in fact quite the opposite.

    You have missed the piont entirely.
    We who try to work hard to protect Liverpools Heritage are undermined by the local press with its local advertising interests.
    With the onset of the internet the previous scouse hacks can now be answerable to the public by way of publishing for free on the internet.

    I have nothing personal at all with anyone at the local papers but in the heritage war we are all pawns in a bigger goal.
    The point missed is the papers let themselves down by not protecting the public. As for Alastair Machray he has never been up to the job of being editor of a world heritage city.
    Near sightedn-ess is no excuse for allowing vested interests to destroy the world heritage site.
    Yesterdays Advertorial on Mann Island in the Ghost is a perfect example.

    Wayne Colquhoun

  4. We are fed up with the rubbish being fed to us by the local papers. Keep up the good work.

  5. Yes indeed, it is so sad to see the demise of a once-great newspaper. However the truth is out there, unfortunately for Trinity Mirror it is in the blogosphere. They should have caught on to this earlier.