Friday, 4 December 2009

Liverpools Three Graces from the Sea. Oh What Happened There?

This is a picture taken from the TV so its a bit fuzzy.
It needs to be enlarged to see the full horror that awaits any sailor when arriving at Liverpools World Heritage Site.
The juxtoposition of completly alien styles have now created a architectural abonimation.
Why couldnt they just leave it alone. If its not broke dont fix it was cried out loud from all quarters.
Iconic to Ichronic in five years.
To think Liverpools world famous waterfront escaped two world wars, The Blitz, all the 60s planning disasters that befell us and this load of bad planning donkeys led by a small minority of architectural illiterate philistines do this with it overnight while Unesco and the English Heretics stand idly by and dont protect it. It is a travesty a crime against architecture that has befallen my city. We had it all and they have taken it away from us. I am ashamed of what they hve done to our once great syline.

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  1. good lord who gave the permission for this mess up of the water front then. makes you ashamed whats going on in Liverpool everything turned into flats and more flats and also that monsterous museum and that ferry building :-(