Monday, 4 January 2010

St James Church-Is A Bit Of Common Sense Happening At Last

Has The Reverend Neil been caught "Short".  Ben Schofiels writes; The vicar who planned to build over the buried bodies vowed there would now be “minimal” disruption to his city centre cemetery.

It had been feared a huge new block being built next to St James church, on Upper Parliament Street, would concrete over a historic burial yard.
But new plans are now being considered that could see the new addition put up away from the graveyard.
Liverpool Diocese wants to see St James, which was built in 1775, brought back into use after it closed three decades ago.
Last year, it announced plans to build a “mixed use” block containing offices, apartments and community facilities in the graveyard. Rent-paying tenants would provide an income for the parish and help bankroll the estimated £2m building renovations.
The church needs a new roof, extensive re-pointing to brickwork and an internal overhaul.
Initial plans were to build the new block parallel to the church.

But now another proposal has emerged which could see the block set at the eastern end of the church, running along the disused Chesterfield Street. Rev Neil Short, the vicar of the new parish of St James in the City, said all the options were still being considered.
But he added: “We want to minimise disruption and if building on Chesterfield Street is a viable option, then we want to pursue that.
“We’re keen to look at everything that’s possible and to collect all the information and then to talk to everybody involved, then to decide what’s best.

Yes we bet they are seeing as they have been exposed as nutters  with a plan to dig up 7000 bodies out of the churchyard of St James (not the Cathedral Cemetery) on Parliment Street. Has Ricky the Arch Deacon or the Arch Enemy Panter whatever way you look at it been caught with his pantsdown  kidding us that the Church would pile drive through a couple of thousand skulls to lay foundations for a block of flats so they can raise fears.
It seems they are now saying they wont do this at all but build the flats on the road next to it, and in doing so still altering the setting of a Grade II * listed buildings.
I like to show respect for the clergy but this bunch of buffoons dont deserve any, they really dont.
The Bishop is Chair of the Echo Stop The Rot campaign that didnt stop anything.
Short, who should stick to wine and crackers evenings, rattling his tamborine, is mad, he goes on. But the reality is I can’t say – we have to look at all the options, collect the information and decide what’s best.”

Rev Short is determined to make an impact in his community.
He has certainly made an impact on me as a joker, a mad hatter who wants to make a name for himself.
His evangelical congregation started out with just him and his wife.
That has since grown to more than 30 adults and around half a dozen children.
The state of the church had meant they held their services in Liverpool Cathedral.
But now a marquee has been put up inside the church to keep worshippers dry.
Another tent is on the altar and acts as a creche for children.

How did the Church get in this state in the first place.......because it was left yo rot the only reason it has not been felled by the local clergy is because someone had the foresight to list it.
If this was ever the case to write a blog, to alert people to the dangers of Liverpools Heritage, to shame them into stopping making mistakes well this is it.
Bible Bashers acting as property developers what ever will they think of next.

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