Monday, 25 January 2010

North West Development Agency-Shysters-R-Us

A LAND deal that saw a publicly-owned site sold for a quarter of its real value will be investigated by independent auditors. Ben Schofield writes in todays Daily Ghost. Though he is only young and has not been around for a while, this is several years after the event, this is why we call the local papers Trinity "Smoking" Mirror Group. Why did they not investigate what we all knew. I told them about this and they chose not to print it.

He continues, The North West Development Agency asked Price Waterhouse Coopers (PWC) to investigate the purchase and re-sale of its Mann Island site after the Daily Post revealed it was sold for £3.5m even though its value is nearer £15m.
The waterfront site, in the shadow of the city’s historic Three Graces, is now being developed by Countryside Neptune, which bought the plot in 2007. NWDA had paid £9.25m for the site just six years before. Its audit committee voted unanimously to ask PWC to investigate the deal.
North West MEP Paul Nuttall has also asked the National Audit Office to look into the deal.
NWDA chief executive Mr Steven Broomhead said: “Given what’s been said in the public domain, I think it’s important that I reassure myself with an independent review carried out by PWC.”
An expert arbitrator valued the site at between £15m and £16m while settling a dispute between the NWDA and the land’s former owners last year.
Three blocks are being built on there – two residential and one containing offices. There will also be restaurants and shops, as well as a Winter Garden.
Neptune managing director Steve Parry defended the deal and also revealed a clause in the developers’ contact with NWDA means if the scheme earns high profits, some will be shared with the tax payer-funded quango.Mr Parry said:“A very complex brief was developed for the site to ensure buildings of the highest quality that would not jeopardise Liverpool’s newly-acquired World Heritage Status. This significantly reduced the value of the site.”

I wrote to Stephen Broadbent of the NWDA in 2006 and asked for more information regarding this land deal and was told in writing it was covered by commercial confidentiality. However during a Civic Society special meeting which was stitched up by Peter Brown the Chairman and Brian"Mad Hatter" Hatton Neptune said "We will make this happen because the price we paid for the land means we cant go wrong. NWDA-Shysters-R-Us. We have all paid for the WHS to be destroyed.
The PR agents for the NWDA and Neptune oh and Liverpool Vision were October Communications now Aurora PR based in Hanover Chambers, Hanover Street and the person at the Daily Ghost who I told this was the then City Editor of the Daily Ghost Larry Nield the Union rep. He now works for the PR company that would sell its grandmother for money and have sold our WHS right down the river.

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