Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Mad Hatters Tea Party at St James Church.

Is Vic There....or is he in another world?

One would wish to give respect to the Clergy but what a group of Mad Hatters we have in Liverpool.

Here we have the Rev Small with some Idiot dressed as a white rabbit jumping up and down on the graves that they intend to dig up in St James Cemetery. You couldn't make this up.

They then enticed people in with the bribery of an Easter Egg for their kids to enable them to have a loaded questionnaire thrown to them.

Questions not included on said questionnaire.

1. Are we all mad.

2. Is Ricky Panter the Arch Deacon or the Arch Enemy.

3. We have put a giant neon bunny rabbit on the side of a church on English Heretics at risk register and are planning to dig up three thousand bodies to build a block of this Sacrilegious.

4. Is this proposed development an action that renders the Bishop in his post as Chairman of the Stop the Rot ( that doesn't stop anything) campaign untenable.

1 comment:

  1. St James Church has been a wreck for over 30 years. At least this plan will bring some life back to a non descript part of Liverpool. Not sure where you got the misleading figure about 2500 bodies to be dug up. The new building is to be built on stilts with grave disturbances being kept to a minimum.

    In Liverpool's history many graveyards have been completely built over. St Peter's in Church St and St Mary's in Mulbury St come immediately to mind.