Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Museum of Liverpool-Flemings Folly

I have just done a brief interview with Winifred Robinson for You and Yours Radio 4 to be broadcast on Friday morning about the New Museum-Flemings Folly. Phil Redmond as Chairman of Liverpool Museums was also to do an interview  but cancalled it so its Fleming standing in. Lets guess what he will say in a broad gay sounding Yorkshire accent "Well all those years ago when they built the Catholic Cathedral they hated it and now its a piece of Liverpools heritage".  Thats what he always says.
The Cathedral too ran out of money and they had to go cap in hand like the new carbuncle, it was unaffectionatly chtistened Paddy's Wigwam by Arthur Dooley. So what name is going to stick with Flemings Folly......squoshed ciggy packet, the sun lounger.....The Trashy Tart next to our three ageing edwardian beauties, the Three Graces is indeed a carbuncle. The New Terminal Ferry Building was built to resemble it and that won the BD Carbuncle cup award for 2009. He will try to sell it on the basis that it gives views out of the giant Rome MAXXI rip off TV Screen..........but in creating the views it has destroyed the World Heritage Site. No wonder Loyd Grossman buggered off. Oh but we will love it one day he has said well you are wrong Fuzz its an anachronism.  

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  1. Flemings Folly that hits the nail right on the head.