Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Museum of Liverpool a Sad Rip Off of Rome's Maxxi?

LOOK FAMILIAR. This is the decade of building new museums for the sake of it. Accountants work out how best to sell merchandise and how to franchise the wealth creation machine that comes with art these days. The first thing is where the coffee shop or restaurant will be. How the exhibits will display is a long way down the agenda. Centuries of well trodden styles of showing the public the history of mankind and its creations and its humanity has been swept away in curators egos fighting with their ill educated architects for supremacy. Modernisation they call it, most times it is just plain stupid. http://liverpoolpreservationtrust.blogspot.com/2009/06/david-fleming-srikes-again-will-someone.html


Roman horror day at Zaha Hadid's Maxxi are the headlines greeting the opening of a new museum in Rome….the eternal city. Those Romans know a thing about style…or is it that their forebears did. http://www.bdonline.co.uk/story.aspsectioncode=428&storycode=3153497&channel=783&c=2&encCode=0000000001a7fc14  It is worth reading the commentary from journalists who try to understand architecture.
http://www.architectsjournal.co.uk/news/daily-news/maxxi-museum-rome-by-zaha-hadid-architects/5211023.article just google the Maxxi in Rome.
Zaha Hadid it was said did a design for the 3XN carbuncle in the Liverpool World Heritage Site (it was kept secret from the public) does the design look familiar.
At least the Romans had the common sense the good sense to build it away from its historic sites of world importance. What will happen when the architectural journalists give their opinions when the Museum of Liverpool opens with John Lennons bedspread as a focal point.


  1. Have a look at the picture of Zaha Hadid's rejected design for Cardiff Bay Opera House. I see elements copied from this for the Black Slugs soon to be finished at Mann Island. This is "shock" architecture which can work in isolation. The reason being the context of the existing buildings, which was well understood by previous architects who had the ability to integrate world class buildings on Liverpool's waterfront. The efforts of Niemeyer, Hadid etc have their place but our World Heritage site isn't it. I can't imagine UNESCO are happy about what is happening with our carbuncled waterfront.

  2. Slugs are curvatious. Even Wayne's metaphors are clueless.

  3. Not my metaphor in fact it was first used on Correspondents website. The metaphor is that they slithered their way on to the world heritage site. http://condensedthoughts.blogspot.com/ Is this really the level of debate here no wonder we are in such a mess with people who are not brave enough to put themselves up to be counted. Yes you! It may be worth stopping anonymous comments it only brings confidence to silly people with nothing to say.

  4. How how clever. No wonder we are in such a mess with this sort of intellectual debate. The metaphor was first used on Correspondents blog. http://condensedthoughts.blogspot.com/ and the metaphor is that they slithered their way on to the world heritage site.
    It may be best if we stop anonymous comments if this is the level.


  5. I would like to take full credit for repeating the nickname "Black Slugs" in my comment about the Mann Island development. This is an apt description of something you would rather not see. Especially not alongside the jewels of our historic waterfront.

  6. I would like to take some credit for using the Black Slugs semaphore as well, but I got it from William MacGonagal's Epic Poem that he dictated it to me during a seance. If there's any Royalties to pay you'll have to get them from him.

  7. http://profchucklebuttychronic.blogspot.com/2009/09/epic-poem-on-world-heritage-site-as.html
    And here is that epic poem.

    It is well worth a read.


  8. Finally had a brief biography dedicated to a web-page: http://artistmarcbreed.blogspot.com/