Monday, 16 November 2009


Liverpool bids to be Unesco City of Music.

Well we have wrecked the World Heritage Site let’s destroy the music scene.
Warren Bradley, is leading a steering group to bid to be a Unesco World City of Music. There is no doubt we need an accolade for our musical achievements but he who is so uncultured, as to have to spike everyone else, bugging them on how good our past musical highlights are, becomes a little tedious. Talking of tedious Warren Bradley (the only thing he can play is the fool) says :
“Music is in Liverpool's blood and its influence has been truly global from the days of sea shanties and Merseybeat to classical and dance – it was a fundamental reason why we were European Capital of Culture. “The city today has a phenomenal pool of talent and its exciting that now, more than ever, it has the venues, the studios, the promoters and the festivals to nurture new ideas and diverse artists who will carry on Liverpool's best musical traditions. Yes we know all that we also had the most amazing world heritage views a Unesco World Heritage Site that the city under his stewardship destroyed.
“To be a UNESCO city of music would be a massive boost to the city’s international cultural profile and give the city a focus, like in ‘08, to develop our music offer at all levels for the benefit of musicians and music lovers alike.’’

Chief Conductor with the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Vasily Petrenko said: “I don’t think there is any other city in England that understands the power of music more than Liverpool.

“It has fantastic tradition of producing great music and great musicians of every kind and is still doing it today. To be a UNESCO City of Music will really help to promote Liverpool as one of the world’s music capitals.”
The news comes on the day Kasabian close Liverpool Music Week – Britain's biggest indoor winter music festival.
This year has been in my opinion, the worst year at the Philharmonic Hall for years. But if you want to go for a beer swilling punch up go to the Oldham Echo Arena.

Cream CEO and joint director of the Liverpool Music Week festival James Barton said: “I am really honoured to be invited onto the team that will steer the bid to become UNESCO city of music.
“I believe that music has always been central to Liverpool life, which is why winning the title would be so exciting.
“Not only would this accolade recognise the already world–famous music scene within Liverpool, it will also act as a focus for the further development of music in the city for many years to come.’’
How concerned are Unesco about the mess that has been created on the Unesco world heritage site they have made us the focus of a Unesco reactive monitoring mission.
So in ten years to come by the past standard that we look after our world heritage we will have all the Beatles ditties remixed with Black Lace’s Agadoo because that is the architectural equivalent of what’s been done.
We could term the phrase “ Liverpool we had Palladio and now we have got Puff Dadio” to help Unesco understand what we are about.
This is the town that called itself Beatles City after we knocked down the Cavern Club…..This city council, who couldn’t even organise the Mathew Street Festival in 2007, who just cant be trusted with anything to do with heritage or tradition. Its just spin, spin, spin.
The class of this city Fib-Dem council is a Capital of Culture which destroyed the Pier Head the very thing that made us who we were.


  1. "This year has been in my opinion, the worst year at the Philharmonic Hall for years."

    That's where you lost me.

  2. What is it you dont understand about this year has been the year that I have not wished to visit the Phil as it has the worst programme for years?????????

  3. It's not that I don't understand, it's that I don't share your opinion. There have been some excellent events this year, even if things like the Electric Proms haven't returned to the city. For me, Ry Cooder and David Byrne were as good as anything I saw last year, whilst Petrenko continues to draw me back to classical concerts.

  4. I guess like everyone else he just disagrees with you.

  5. Well if you are happy then everything is alright then.