Friday, 27 November 2009

Cheeky Evertonian Monkey's.

It is funny though. Not able to get the result on the pitch those cheeky monkeys have made the name of the gift shop right next to Liverpools…Everton 2. Strange I may hear you think but considering it is in Grosvenor-pool it means that the address reads Everton 2 Liverpool 1. What a result. It is funny though; only in Liverpool would that happen.

Only in Liverpool would millions of pounds of public money have been wasted on allowing Tesco to effectively take control of a football club by bankrolling the move to Kirkby on the Merseyside periphery in fact in the borough of Knowsley. They would have had to change the name of the club to Tesco-ton and have a sock as an emblem breaking all those years of tradition, it wasnt right. How much has been spent of our cash on this.

It was said that the whole scheme to turn Kirkby civic centre into a giant Tesco, (who own the centre now) was deemed detrimental to the local economy. The fallout ahead of this decision may have been instrumental in the company abandoning its outlet for the ultra sensitive Hope Street.  The government report was entitled Everton and Tesco. The Chief exec of Tesco Sir Terry Leahy is a lifelong Everton supporter.
Are they, Tesco, taking over the country.

What is more worrying for most Evertonians is how they will live up to expectations this Sunday in the local Derby when they play the most successful club in English footballing history, Liverpool. Even more worrying being fourth from bottom in the table is why a new stadium needs to be built for a team on the cusp of relegation anyhow. They are now calling for investment. What about buying a few players not a town centre.
And now they want our ground again.

Reich marshal Nigel Lee the chief planner of disaster in Liverpool said he wanted Goodison listed and Warren Bradley another toffee nose will be upset. Not about the public money wasted but his own face.

Pages and pages of it all over the local papers Mark Thomas a Evertonian while Alistair MaCrazy supports himself, has seen to that, it is a shame they could not have made the same fuss when the world heritage site was being destroyed. Sarah Wilde of Trinity "Smoking" Mirrors was a member of Liverpool Visions board who helped to destroy the Pier Head with carbuncle after carbuncle. Why?




  2. I wonder how much money Everton/Tesco have spent on this?

    I wonder what will happen with all the buildings that Tesco bought in the middle of Kirkby . Will they just let them run down?