Friday, 6 November 2009

Liverpool City Council Tells Heritage Lies.

I picked up a free letterbox magazine called City Life from the floor and knowing it is compiled by the council with my taxpayers money and contains all the usual council propaganda I went into the kitchen to get a pinch of salt then put my tongue in my cheek and opened the glossy rag.

Everything is wonderful the city is in fantastic shape, Warren Bradley has saved the world aided by Mike Storey and it was all mopped up by the direct works department of the council who put flowers around the edge just to make it all seem a bit better for us. Not a mention of giving a third of the city centre away and being 20 million short on a budget.

I was expecting the usual load of half-truth PR pap, but not expecting outright lies.
Considering that most people do not question what is written this magazine has been a convenient way of brainwashing those members of the public with pea brains who believe what is told to them. Of which there are many in this city.

Page11 In the section labelled, annual report, for 2008, it stated the number of Grade II* listed buildings at risk was cut from 15 to 9. This was in a section of uplifting news of how we are being looked after by our mates at the council.
This is a lie. So I asked Berni Turner the self-styled heritage champion who took over from the Dame of Disaster Doreen Jones. Not a reply. She seems to only talk on heritage matters when it suits her and then it’s with a vile misuse of the English language, that make one cringe to be from Liverpool. I wrote to the Chief Executive Colin “Cover up” Hilton. The next I receive, is a reply from Legal Services that it is being dealt with as a freedom of Information Act request. I did not request a FOI I told Kevin Symm. Oh that’s all right we often do that he replied.
So I wait, and wait, and wait and finally I get a letter, which said.
We used to have 19 on the critical list in 1999 and that has been reduced to 9 thanks for your letter.
Hang on I thought I know all this is wrong I have been writing about it for years and where do you get the 15 from. The press release was aimed to make it look like the list was recently reduced from 15 to 9 to make the council look great to those who dont question what they are being told. Well that’s not me. So its a lie, a utter and damn right lie from a city council run by spivs who think they are not accountable, who make it up as they go along. Oh and my rates pay for them to tell me the lies. I am still waiting for an inquiry to be dealt with into the misleading facts…and waiting…and waiting.

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