Monday, 16 August 2010

Trinity "Smoking" Mirrors Group- Burying Dynamite

I posted a blog last week about Dr David "Fuzzy Felt" Fleming who made the remark "I want all Young Black Men to feel shit". Yes you heard that right the director of the International Slavery Museum in Liverpool who has invited Barack Obama to Liverpool, said this in a public forum to the floor. What an idiot!
There are not many words that can defy the crass and imbecile twasser that has been let loose in charge of my museums, the place I used to love. No wonder they are in such a precarious state. This was picked up by a local correspondent for the Daily Ghost, writer for the museums, who questioned Fleming while on holiday, who did not deny it.
Dicky Felton Flemings personal press officer placed in charge to help him out of the holes he keeps digging himself, has asked personally that this potentially damaging comment be "Buried".
How can we trust a paper that cherry picks its news to suit its advertisers and advertorial-ists, its nearly as shameful that the local press sit on the story.  and do nothing with it. How can we trust these people at the local press who are supposed to report and inform the public.
Picked up by Correspondent at the weekend who rightly says Fleming needs to answer questions.



    This is todays paper full of more drivel about how we all need to feel grateful.


    More Drivel.


    Even more advertorial for an establishment with a twasser, as a director. Smoking Mirrors........