Monday, 2 August 2010

SS. Manxman-Do You Really Care What Happens To It?

One last ditch appeal is happening now-with asbestos stripping well underway the new SOS Manxman Trust is attempting to galvanise a political appeal to Pallions for a stay of execution- to allow the new trust to organise the necessary funding scheme. Support has been given by the Remembrance Line Association of Folkestone who wish to hire the restored Manxman to operated a classic cross channel service during the summer months.
Cant be confident as to how serious all this hot air is. But lets hope something gets done in the nick of time before it is cut up for scrap. 

This is a comment left on an old post
There was another comment left when I originally wrote it.

Is it over is it scrap?
Does the Shyster still own it?
The full fact of the matter is do those trustees or do-gooders have the power to make this happen. Do bodies such as Peel Holdings care?  Will it really be saved? You decide, let it rust if you like...........or do something about it.

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