Wednesday, 28 April 2010

SS Manxman-Its Over, Its Scrap. And Its Crap..

The asbestos is being removed ready for the big cut up. It looks like the curtain has come down and we are just waiting for the fat lady to sing. There has been a declaration that the breakers will auction off the good stuff. The brassy bits, that is worth some dosh. That’s no good to those that care about Maritime History. Once its gone it wont be coming back. What is the next generation going to think about what has been done in the rebranding of a city where the superlambanana replaces the Liver bird as the symbol of the city because it is easy to understand that the kiddies like it, they can draw it.  Or on it. Should we just rename the city Grosvenor-pool. and get on with it.  How much more can we allow to be destroyed by the likes of Neil Scales the purveyor of bad sculpure and public art, who cut the historic submarine U-534 that was pulled from a Norwegian Fjord? When the historic warships collection was scrapped. Or the Wincham travesty.  Our museums don’t care. MV Wincham was scrapped right in fron of their eyes  by morons.  There has been a valiant effort led by the work, above and beyond the call of duty, the man who knows everything about ships and maritime history in Liverpool, Peter Elson. Though critical of the Daily Post,  Peter is a last bastion of everything that the Liverpool Daily Post and Echo should have been. Instead, it is a dead man walking with the drivel of property developer’s vested interests and placation of council blundering and promotion of world heritage disaster. Instead of promoting Peel holdings they should be asking why Peel Holdings have scuppered the plans to save the SS Manxman by retracting a berth for it. They want to walk all over the city yet give nothing back. Questions need to be asked as to why the backward thinking paper, is not looking backwards to helping to promote the need to protect Liverpool’s Maritime past, well apart from Peter. A campaign was launched by the Daily Post, by Peter Elson who probably cant sleep at night thinking about the rusting hulks clattering together in some graveyard dock, being denied the true requisite of attention needed to save them to bring them here to Liverpool, set them up, make Liverpool a Maritime City as it world heritage inscription declares.
Where has the Manxman cash gone? The Chairman of the trustees Bill Ogle will not pass it over to another trust set up to make an effort to save the ship instead of letting it rot.

Where is the cash that was raised I am aware that several people committed over One and a half thousand pounds. The Earl of Derby gave a grand. But one or two grand to some may not be a lot. I know some who contributed a tenner and a blue one who couldn’t afford it but felt so sharp about it.

Don’t you think Peel Holdings could help and make it a feature of Wirral Waters. Give something back instead of take, take, take.

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